Castelmola: a unique event venue in Taormina and one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

Every bride or groom choosing a destination wedding want all the same thing for their guests: plan a memorable party. One of the most unique event and wedding venues in Taormina, and definitely our favorite one, is the little town of Castelmola, just 10 minutes drive from Taormina. The town or about 100 people transforms itself into a giant Sicilian feast where Sicilian traditions, local music, and delicious food come all together. Find out more about this incredible event and wedding venue, like no others, and how we can make your party a unique one!

Among the most popular events and wedding venues in Sicily, Taormina is probably the most known and desired thanks to the number of luxury hotels, such as Grand Hotel Timeo and San Domenico Palace (now transformed into a Four Seasons hotel). All this, combined with the town’s rich history and the spectacular location. 

However, very close to Taormina there is a small town, less discovered, called Castelmola. This medieval place is considered to be one of the most beautiful little towns in Italy. 

After many years organizing weddings and events in Taormina and around Sicily, we have found Castelmola to be the ideal venue for any kind of private party or wedding celebration.

But this charming place is also an inspiring location for incentive trips, pre or post-wedding events, celebrations and so on, for hosts who want to provide guests with an experience offering Sicily at its best and have, literally, the whole town for themselves.

In this post, you will find out something more about Castelmola, why you should visit it during your stay in Taormina and why we believe it could be the perfect venue for your special and exclusive event! 

If you or your clients are looking for a special wedding venue and want to organise a unique wedding in a charming Italian location, get in touch with our team and find out why Castelmola could be the right venue for you and your guests. 


Dance party in Castelmola main square
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About Castelmola town – What to visit and what you shouldn’t miss

Castelmola is a medieval village with a small population of approx. 1,000.  It is perched above Taormina at 529m. 

The town is characterized by its charming town square, Piazza Sant’Antonio, with diamond tiles and a spectacular view; where the eye can see down to Taormina and beyond to the sea and marvelous mount Etna

The town can be reached by a scenic 5km drive on a winding road from Taormina. The route from Taormina to Castelmola is also a popular hiking route for the more active of tourists, passing the Madonna della Rocca on the way.

Castelmola is home to the famously characterful Bar Turrisi, which is a popular attraction characterized by suggestive sculptures at every turn. The view from the 4th floor is also fabulous. 

Also here you will find a traditional type of almond wine, which originates from this exact place. The original recipe of the delicious delicacy traces back to this very village, but it is popularly enjoyed all over Sicily. It contains almond, citrus and herbal notes, and the sweetness makes it a popular choice for an after-dinner drink.  

The best place to enjoy a sip of the traditional wine is of course in Castelmola.

Castelmola main square

Castelmola town as venue for private parties and weddings in Taormina

An event in Castelmola is an opportunity to throw the ultimate, typical Sicilian style celebration, centered on warm hospitality, a sense of cheer, and of course delicious typical food.

Castelmola is normally a sleepy town, with a small number of residents, and receiving handfuls of visitors each day during the summer months. When we hold events in Castelmola, you have the whole village at your disposal, and working with us we can transform it to bring the vision of your event to life.  

One of the unique things about this place is that the whole village comes together to make a fantastic inclusive celebration. 

This way, we can recreate typical Sicilian-style feasts called ‘Sagre’, which are traditionally held to celebrate various Saints days. These food-based festivals, which are held in Sicily and all over Italy and held in small regions to celebrate their typical foods.

When we organize an event in Castelmola, we have the traditional bars and restaurants of the village all getting involved. 

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Food & Drink

The feasts are normally made up of ‘stations’ or ‘stalls’ set up around the square. The bars and restaurants of the village get involved by offering something for the feast, e.g. one provides the pizza, one offers the meat dishes, and another will provide the wine… this way, it’s guaranteed that everything to eat and drink comes from a very close proximity. 

A Castelmola party largely centres around the food, characterized as a street food festival. Your guests will have the chance to try many typical delicacies, provided by local cooks. 

This casual kind of feast gives attendees the chance to try a bit of everything: the pizza, the pasta, the arancini, the cheese, the meats and everything in between!

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Granita track during the Event in Castelmola
Credit Raquel Benito photographer

The Entertainment

The entertainment for an event in Castelmola is also local. For example, you can expect a local band will provide folklore music, we’ll have a local shepherd preparing the fresh ricotta, and theatrical performances by locals in traditional Sicilian dress.

There are many food-based attractions, adding to the authentic Sicilian feel. These include the vendor who sells dried fruits and nuts, the Sicilian mamma making maccheroni pasta, the fabulous granite cart and of course pizza!

The charm of a Castelmola event is that it involves the local community in every aspect. We even invite the mayor and the priest, who is always happy to say a few words! Once the dancing begins later on, happy residents passing by will often join in the celebration. 

A celebration in Castelmola is a laid back affair, where having fun and getting a taste of Sicilian traditions is the aim. 

It is the perfect choice for couples looking for a fun and memorable pre-wedding party, where guests feel free to let their hair down and dance the night away, with the food, wine and entertainment making everyone merry. 

Different from a formal occasion, the seating usually comprises of tables and chairs on the balcony of the church with a view of Mt. Etna as well as cushions on the steps. There is also exclusive use of the local bar, where you can rest your dancing feet!

Guests enjoying the wedding in Taormina
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The Decoration 

Castelmola is a venue that makes possible many themes and opportunities of customization.  Typical decorations include light installations (these could be elegant string lights or more elaborate choice of Le Luminaire, Sicilian style colorful lights), traditional Sicilian cart and horse, ape car, or a Fruttivendolo stall, a traditional fruit stall providing an ideal photo opportunity. 

For something spectacular, we can organize a fabulous firework show for the ultimate end to the evening. With a stunning light show over the fabulous view of the sea and mount Etna, the hearts of your guests will surely be warmed.

Further additions could be the Opera dei Pupi (puppet theatre), folklore dancers, and an opera singer putting on a show from the balcony. The choices of entertainment, traditional and modern, really are endless.

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Plan your private event or wedding party in Castelmola

An event in Castelmola is a guaranteed hit for your guests, whether you are hoping to hold a post-wedding celebration, the ultimate birthday party, anniversary, or any other excuse to get friends and colleagues together. 

It is a unique chance to experience a small Sicilian village, with local people, food and customs provided in every element of the celebration.

Being a small town close by to Taormina, the people running local businesses and suppliers of Castelmola are our great friends. These are some of our favorite events to hold, because they never disappoint!

If you are thinking about holding a celebratory event or wedding party in Sicily, Castelmola could be the perfect place. Get in touch with us today and let’s get planning!