The journey is the discovery

Sicily Lifestyle is the journey of Salvatore and Guido through Sicily, seeking the most authentic experiences and fascinating places.
The knowledge of the territory and the reputation that we have built over the time are the heritage on which our company is built.

The journey is a project

Sicily Lifestyle is the ambitious and unconventional idea to promote the "Sicilian style" in the world by sharing places, knowledge and friends met along the way, now precious partners who help us narrating the story of our beloved and unique land. What nourishes our company is the great love for Sicily, a land full of passion and unbelievable landscapes. This love and passion is what we want to share with our guests, so that they can fully relish what four us the Sicilian lifestyle is about.

The journey is the guest

Sicily Lifestyle is a journey of self-discovery. It is the occasion for awakening wonder and beauty in anyone who chooses us. The occasion for us to provide an ultimate experience of travel thanks to our attention to every detail.


Created in Taormina in 2014, Sicily Lifestyle has established itself as an independent destination management company, able to provide high-quality services at an international level, offering the best historical, artistic, cultural and nature experiences. Our collaboration with prestigious partners - leading players of the market spread across the Sicilian territory - guarantees us privileged access to properties and natural sites that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Thanks to the solid reputation that our company has built over the years with both private interlocutors and independent significant companies, we have the opportunity to offer our guests a totally exclusive and authentic experience.


A project like Sicily Lifestyle requires the constant commitment of exceptional staff. Every day the members of our team constantly work to improve the quality of our offers, proposals that aim to meet the high international standards that our customers expect from us.

Like pieces of a puzzle, each of our employee has an important role to play within the company and it is strategically relevant. For this reason, SLS invests massively on its team, not only in destination and service training but also individually to help develop and stimulate critical thinking.

The high level of competence that distinguishes us from our collaborators is measured not just in our guest’s satisfaction but also our professional working environment characterized by the strong moral values that are typical of a family run business such as ours.


Every company needs a vision that is the driving force of its actions. For Sicily Lifestyle, it is the desire to build authentic and lasting relationships. This is why we do not hesitate to call ourselves a family, where our partners are our "friends" and our customers are our "guests".

More than aspiring to become the most important company in our sector, what we are looking for is excellence and quality, concentrating on what we can offer: the absolute best. This mission is based on solid foundations of value and integrity, collaboration and competence and on our profound trust in our staff, our partners and our travelers with the belief that we can offer the best.