Milia & Naji


To the best team EVER!

“If you are preparing any event in Sicily, then Sicily Lifestyle is an evidence. Their work and style caters to international standards in a simple and authentic manner. Sicily Lifestyle was able to execute our biggest dreams for the events surrounding our wedding. Their team is generous, organized, patient, and they will unlock any door for you. I immediately felt at ease with them.

When I met them, I was a lone soul looking for a wedding organizer in Sicily. I wanted something more vibrant and modern than traditional weddings and could not find what I was looking for in the classic tours of the other organizers. The moment i spoke with Salvatore, i knew i had found the right people. Their open mindedness coupled with serious work and a strong desire to achieve beautiful things for their home country makes them unequivocally the coolest team in Sicily.
On a personal level, the team is very respectable and incredibly generous with their time, knowledge and resources; they were always putting in the extra hours to achieve things in a perfect manner.
Look no further, you are at the right place.”


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All experiences should mirror your every desire and satisfy your every expectation, but our objective is to go even beyond. For this we make available our team of professionals who have a profound knowledge of our territory, and who’s job is to listen to you and find perfect solutions to all your requests and concerns.