Stella Aminova

Mum of Six - @stellaaminova

I want to say words of gratitude for the holiday, which was given to us by the employees of the “SICILYLIFESTYLE” company! We trusted these professionals with the anniversary of our wedding and they did not disappoint! Our beloved Portofino, where every corner is unique! And you have found a suitable place for us, where all our guests felt at home! The light and sound were amazing. All the invited artists were happy with the sound and lighting! Children at the event were happy to play with the animators, they laughed and had a lot of fun! Special thanks to the support group and acrobats, who stood on each other’s heads – it was amazing, and each guest posted their acrobatic numbers on Instagram! Musicians performed traditional Italian wedding songs and soulful ballads. They created the right mood and lift the guests’ spirit! Decoration of the place, flowers, flags, compositions of vegetables and fruits – added to the picture of bright Italy! Beautiful models working as hostesses and impressive waiters – thanks for the casting! Our close friends – guests of our anniversary – celebrities and businessmen from all over the world – told us that this was the most heartfelt event of the summer of 2017! Thank you for this holiday, we are happy! Thank you so much!


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