The Sicilian Affair

The beautiful medieval village of Castelmola, high above Taormina, transforms into the natural setting of our exclusive and extraordinary events. Suspended between the past and present, we celebrate in Sicilian style, gathered in the alleys and squares of the old town, where elegance meets tradition.

Beyond the ordinary

Originality and creativity are what make our events one-of-a-kind. The ordinary is not for us, nor for our guests who want to feel and live Sicily as it should be: elegant and legendary.
The result is a concentration of art, culture and local culinary delights in a very special location that provides for unique and unconventional celebrations.

but also traditional

Who says that exclusivity doesn't mix with tradition? Imagine having a charming medieval village all to yourself. Then add participation of the local community to this unique setting that will exceed your expectations and make your guests experience the real essence of Sicily. The result is the most exclusive party you can ever imagine.

No limits except the medieval walls

  • The only limits are sky, mountains, sea - and the medieval walls of a small and precious village that houses the treasured stage where you’ll celebrate your special day.

  • Your event will be exclusive yet familiar at the same time. It will be your unique and personal piece of Sicily for your guests. Where else, if not in a small town, could this magic happen?

What makes our events unique

We create emotional and memorable experiences by giving our guests the real essence of Sicily, enhanced by local traditions, untraveled beautiful locations, and participation of the local community.


Every event includes:

  • Full event production and management
  • Tailor-made approach
  • Authorizations and permits
  • Sicilian cultural and traditional influenc
  • Participation by the local community
  • Traditionally themed decorations and entertainment
  • On-site food & beverage catering service
  • Photo and video production

Photo and video credits:
Strawberry & Champagne (@strawberriesandchampagne_)
Ꭺ&Ꮍ videography (@ay_video)

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