The best time to get married in Sicily

Sicily is a dream wedding destination for many. Couples from the world over dream of tying the knot in a charming Sicilian setting, with beautiful towns like Taormina and Castelmola providing the perfect backdrop, and the beautiful countryside areas such as Noto offering a tranquil escape.

With its combination of breathtaking natural landscapes, sparkling sea and charming baroque architecture (not to mention the unbeatable cuisine) Sicily is a timeless wedding destination that is chosen time and time again by discerning brides and grooms.

Indeed, Italian power couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez realised the unique beauty of the island, and chose to hold their 2018 wedding in the stunning location of Dimora Delle Balze

As a destination for your special day, Sicily sells itself.

With Italy widely considered as one of the most romantic countries to tie the knot, and with Sicily’s rich history and positioning in the sunny south, it provides the ideal setting to create warm and lasting memories for couples and attendees. And with the last 14 months of being on hold, the good news is that it’s now time to start planning your Italian wedding for 2022 and beyond.

But when it comes to wedding planning, one of the first questions we are often asked is “when is the best time of year to get married in Sicily”?

The answer to this question truly differs for each searching couple, and we believe each season to have its own special offering. With that in mind, we have compiled an ultimate guide to the best time to get married in Sicily so that you can discover which one is right for you.

What’s the weather like for weddings in Sicily?

One of the more obvious reasons why Sicily is a top choice for weddings is the blue skies combined with the sparkling sea and sun.

Overall, Sicily enjoys a warmer, sunnier climate than the rest of Italy and many other European destinations. Stretching out across early June and throughout much of October, Sicily’s warmer months progress from comfortably warm to sizzlingly hot.

Spring and Autumn enjoy more moderate, yet reliable climates. And while winter is quieter and cooler on the island, with Mount Etna looking stunning in snow, it is still a worthy consideration for many.

Here are the pros and cons of each season for a wedding in Sicily.

couple getting married at the greek theater in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Spring

With spring being the most balanced of seasons in Sicily, it is the most popular choice when deciding a wedding date.


Spring arrives in Sicily in late April/May, when the flowers start to bloom and the island is warming up.

Couples and guests are able to enjoy the photogenic surroundings, with blue skies contrasting with lively greenery and a fresh scent of renewal in the air. Springtime guarantees a particularly beautiful ceremony with the abundant blooms offering endless decoration possibilities. The stunning Zagara Flowers have arrived on the orange trees.

These delicate white flowers are traditionally associated with weddings, and besides being used for ornamental purposes, they lend themselves to cosmetic, phytotherapeutic and culinary uses thanks to their numerous properties.

Spring offers calm temperatures and a reduced number of tourists, making it possibly the ideal season for exploring Sicily on the whole. For many couples getting married in Sicily, it’s a chance to offer friends and guests the chance to immerse themselves in their surroundings, with Spring being the most comfortable time to take a historic tour or visit unmissable landmarks.

Another benefit of getting married in Sicily in Springtime is the Easter processions. With Sicily being a place steeped in religious tradition, Easter is a time filled with joy and light. Witnessing a traditional Easter procession provides an authentic taste of Sicily that will only add to your memories of this special place.


During springtime in Sicily, the interior of the island is the star, and the sea is still waiting for its moment to shine. While you will likely see brave Sicilians taking a dip in early spring, for many guests, the water temperatures will be bracing.

So if you are hoping to combine your wedding or honeymoon with a swim in the Sicilian sea, we recommend avoiding the earlier spring months. But admittedly, there are not many cons to a late spring wedding in Sicily!

Wedding table at the Belmond Timeo hotel in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Summer

A wedding in the Sicilian sun is as dreamy as it gets.


With the sun now high in the sky, there are many options when it comes to choosing a wedding setting in Sicily. Those looking for a truly Mediterranean island wedding can be sure that a summer wedding in Sicily will live up to expectations.

Many couples dream of a wedding right next to the sea, and in Sicily you can find a gentle breeze making summer an ideal time to have a tailored ceremony on the sands, with the toing and froing of the sea creating the perfect calming soundtrack. Alternatively, on a hot summer’s day, a charming old Sicilian church [of which there are many] provides respite with its cool stone interior.


A hot Sicilian summer is the stuff of dreams for many, but while choosing a wedding date, some couples avoid the months of July and August.

While the hotter months are often enjoyable if close to the sea, the inland temperatures can soar above a still, often humid 35 degrees Celsius. If you know that your nearest and dearest do not cope well in the heat, or if you have many very young or older attendees, you may prefer to opt for the more moderate months of Spring.

Summer in Sicily is understandably busier than any other season. Whichever location you choose, you can expect attention from visitors, who will undoubtedly enjoy the romantic show. This can certainly be a welcome addition, but if it’s a more private affair you are looking for, then you may want to consider a quieter season.

Getting married in Sicily during Autumn

When it comes to weddings in Sicily, Autumn is not a season to be overlooked.


While the temperatures are cooling down by late October, you can still enjoy comfortable temperatures through much of October and November.

In October, the wine is being harvested in Sicily and the empty vines revert to specular shades of orange and red. This provides a spectacular backdrop for a romantic event, and can be the perfect time of year for couples who have dreamt about spending their special day in a vineyard.

Mount Etna is a spectacular ceremony location, and Autumn is when her colours really come to life. Etna offers a unique, rugged beauty and is an ideal choice for nature lovers and those who have dreamt of an alternative wedding location. How many couples get to say “we got married on a volcano!”?.


By December, the hours of sun are at their lowest of the year, and Autumn months can also be the time when the island experiences the most rain.

While you can still be rewarded with blue skies and crisp airs, Autumn is generally a riskier choice weather-wise. That being said, a great wedding planner always covers every eventuality and in the case of rain, you can rest assured that plan B will be just as charming.

Hug between the couple that got married in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Winter

Sicily is way more than simply sun and sea. If you are looking for an alternative experience of Sicily, then the quieter season could be the right choice for you.


Winter provides the best opportunity to make the most of Sicily’s spectacular interiors and architecture. There are many impressive venues that will make a winter wedding in Sicily a truly memorable event, and we can help you find the perfect one.

One of the perks of an alternative, winter wedding in Sicily is that the costs are inevitably lower. That means couples on a budget can make their Sicilian wedding happen while not emptying the savings account.

In addition, an off-season wedding and the lower hotel costs can give guests the opportunity to extend their stay and explore much of what Sicily has to offer, without crowds.

Christmas is an important celebration in Sicily, and you will find the towns decorated charmingly with festive decorations. If like many you have always been fond of a romantic Christmas wedding, then a Sicilian winter ceremony could be the perfect choice. Imagine eloping in a charming Italian town with festive cheer in the air, then heading up to Mount Etna to ski with views of the sea.

Another gift of the Sicilian winter is that it’s the prime season for citrus fruits. Trees decorated generously with colourful oranges and lemons can provide a stunning mediterranean backdrop regardless of temperatures.


The obvious downfall of a winter wedding in Sicily is the cooler temperatures and risk of greyer skies.

While this time of year can be ideal for couples looking for adventure and activity, the beaches are sleeping, and boats and sunbeds are in hibernation.

That being said, winter in Sicily is warmer than much of Northern Europe, with temperatures being more typically ‘autumnal’: between December and February, the average daytime temperatures are around 16 degrees Celsius.


Sicily is an island of varying beauty, and is able to offer something to suit every couple. While the sun and the sea are a big draw for many couples, it’s certainly worth considering off-peak seasons for a chance to experience what Sicily has to offer beneath the surface.

Regardless of the season, there are some things in Sicily that are guaranteed, including the freshest seasonal produce of land and sea, world-renowned wines, stunning natural landscapes and archaeological treasures. All of which are ingredients for a truly memorable experience for both newlyweds and guests.

While we think Sicily is the natural choice for a destination wedding location, the choices inside it are endless. Discuss with our destination wedding planner your ideas and let us help you to plan your perfect Sicilian wedding.

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