We are a boutique luxury destination wedding company based in Taormina, in Sicily, recognized as some of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in the area specializing in the production of high-end and luxury wedding celebrations.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to our luxury wedding planner. You can find out what is the difference between a regular wedding planner and what really makes a high-end wedding or a destination wedding different from the others.

Patrycja Wierzbicka, our in-house expert wedding planner, will walk us through the discovery of her job giving us some tips about wedding planning and unique events ideas both for grooms and brides and their guests.

We have interviewed her asking some of the most common questions brides and grooms that want to get married in Sicily have that will help you to understand if our services are the ones working for you too.

Reading on you will see also some of our events and venue we work with and how we can really make your day a special one (for you and for your guests too!). If you are interested in knowing how we can help you get in touch with us and schedule a call with our specialist.

What does it mean to be a luxury wedding planner?

Being a luxury wedding planner means planning one of the best and most memorable days in the life of a couple, side by side advising, designing, and taking care of every small detail.

What are the duties of a luxury destination wedding planner?

A luxury destination wedding planner works at the same time as a tour operator and as an event planner. Working on multiple fields can be challenging, but with a solid team and background, it leads to successful events. 

The main duties are of course organizational skills, location scouting, and creating partnerships with the best vendors. 

The wedding planner should also help the couple with all the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in a wedding, especially when the bride and groom have had previous marriages or have strict religious procedures to follow.

What are the challenges you meet when planning a luxury wedding in Sicily?

Whoever picks Sicily for their wedding, chooses Sicily for its authenticity, historical locations, stunning secluded churches and some of these locations might not be located in big cities, and in these cases, logistics might be challenging in terms of transportations and accommodation, especially when the numbers of guests is above a hundred and the clientele is high-end.

The weather plays a very important role as indoor backup spaces don’t give justice to the beautiful outdoor areas of the venues.

Other challenging aspects are related to budget as it needs to be very clear from the beginning and it is important for the agency to stick to it and negotiate with vendors. 

couple getting married in Sicily
Photo credit: Nunzio Bruno Photographer

What kind of experiences are the typical “luxury” bride or grooms looking for?

When a couple decides to get married abroad, usually tends to have 2 or 3 days of celebrations: a pre-wedding party, the main wedding event, and a farewell brunch/party. 

A pre-wedding celebration is an informal event, like a beach party or a traditional street party like the one we arrange in Castelmola.

The main wedding event is usually the one with the biggest production and might involve different locations such as a church for the ceremony and the party venue, so it is important for the wedding planner to have a structured team in order to have every single detail under control.  

Arranging a great setup, having an amazing catering service and entertainment is the key for a successful event and what couples demand. 

Once the main party is over, on the last day couples wish to have a more relaxing and laid back atmosphere to thank all the guests for participating. A brunch or lunch in a nice hotel or at the beach is usually a great choice. 

Other experiences can involve tours for the guests, for example, a day on Mt. Etna or a boat tour along the beautiful Taormina coastline

Wedding table at Sant'Andrea Hotel Taormina
Photo credit: Nunzio Bruno Photographer

What sets luxury planning services apart from average wedding planning?

What couples look for when they hire a wedding planner, is to have a stress-free wedding. We all know how challenging can be to be arrange any event, especially when the event takes place away from home.

Most of our clients come to Sicily just one or two times before the actual event, so having an onsite planner always ready to confront any setback that may come up, is very important.

So it is essential that the wedding planner agency is a licensed tour operator so that the groom and bride can communicate with just one agency, rather than working with multiple entities.

Pre-wedding party at Taormina beach
Photo credit: Giuseppe Marano photographer

What are the key secrets of a luxury wedding planner?

The key secrets of a luxury wedding planner are first of all to establish an honest and clear relation with the bride and groom and set a realistic budget to follow.

Then of course is fundamental to always be fast and attentive in communications, set and respect deadlines, be creative, and have great organizational and negotiation skills in order to contract the best vendors with reasonable costs for the couple. 

What are the most requested wedding venues in Sicily for luxury weddings?

The most requested event venues in Sicily are exclusive locations like noble palaces, private beautiful ancient villas, Ancient Greek Theater, the Four Seasons and Belmond properties, along with other special locations such as the Ancient Greek Theater, Castemola town, the gardens of Taormina, the Aeolian Islands, the Castello degli Schiavi (known as one of the Godfather movie filming location) or the nature reserve “Tonnara di Scopello “. The list is definitely longer and the decision is always taken with our clients as the venue has to match their wedding party idea too.

wedding dinner at Castello degli Schiavi
Photo credit: Giuseppe Marano photographer
Photo credit: Giuseppe Marano photographer

What questions brides or grooms should ask the wedding planner before committing with you?

I believe that nowadays is very easy to find a lot of choices when it comes to wedding planners so before starting it is important to know as much as possible about their background, ask for references, previous events, maximum number of guests handled.  

When the wedding planner has been decided it is time to set the most important element of the event: the budget.
The bride and groom should have a clear idea of the budget as much as the wedding planner needs to understand if the budget is in line with the services requested. 

Going beyond the budget is easy, so it is also important for the couple to understand and trust how the planner is going to negotiate with vendors. 

Wedding dinner at Taormina public gardens
Photo credit: Giuseppe Marano photographer

What is the most memorable wedding you have organized in Sicily? Can you tell us some unique details of weddings you have organized?

Every wedding we have designed and every couple we have met has a special place in our hearts.

Our first big production wedding has, without any doubt shaped our work and attitude towards the luxury wedding world. 

It was our first Lebanese wedding, 3 days of parties in 3 different venues and 250 guests for which we had to arrange transportation, accommodation, hair & make-up appointments, tours, and any kind of collateral services to the actual event. 

The most exciting part was arranging a true Sicilian Street Party in Castelmola town, a small town very close to Taormina, involving a whole village cooperating to the success of the event! 

During the event, there was such a great atmosphere of unity and a genuine cultural mixture between this Sicilian village and the Lebanese culture brought by the guests.

It was an emotional moment for everyone and since then, this party is one of our top wedding event experiences.

We would be delighted to explore with you your idea for a luxury destination wedding in Sicily. If you are considering a wedding on our beautiful island, get in touch with our team and let us share our knowledge with you!

Every bride or groom choosing a destination wedding want all the same thing for their guests: plan a memorable party. One of the most unique event and wedding venues in Taormina, and definitely our favorite one, is the little town of Castelmola, just 10 minutes drive from Taormina. The town or about 100 people transforms itself into a giant Sicilian feast where Sicilian traditions, local music, and delicious food come all together. Find out more about this incredible event and wedding venue, like no others, and how we can make your party a unique one!

Among the most popular events and wedding venues in Sicily, Taormina is probably the most known and desired thanks to the number of luxury hotels, such as Grand Hotel Timeo and San Domenico Palace (now transformed into a Four Seasons hotel). All this, combined with the town’s rich history and the spectacular location. 

However, very close to Taormina there is a small town, less discovered, called Castelmola. This medieval place is considered to be one of the most beautiful little towns in Italy. 

After many years organizing weddings and events in Taormina and around Sicily, we have found Castelmola to be the ideal venue for any kind of private party or wedding celebration.

But this charming place is also an inspiring location for incentive trips, pre or post-wedding events, celebrations and so on, for hosts who want to provide guests with an experience offering Sicily at its best and have, literally, the whole town for themselves.

In this post, you will find out something more about Castelmola, why you should visit it during your stay in Taormina and why we believe it could be the perfect venue for your special and exclusive event! 

If you or your clients are looking for a special wedding venue and want to organise a unique wedding in a charming Italian location, get in touch with our team and find out why Castelmola could be the right venue for you and your guests. 


Dance party in Castelmola main square
Credit to Giuseppe Marano photographer

About Castelmola town – What to visit and what you shouldn’t miss

Castelmola is a medieval village with a small population of approx. 1,000.  It is perched above Taormina at 529m. 

The town is characterized by its charming town square, Piazza Sant’Antonio, with diamond tiles and a spectacular view; where the eye can see down to Taormina and beyond to the sea and marvelous mount Etna

The town can be reached by a scenic 5km drive on a winding road from Taormina. The route from Taormina to Castelmola is also a popular hiking route for the more active of tourists, passing the Madonna della Rocca on the way.

Castelmola is home to the famously characterful Bar Turrisi, which is a popular attraction characterized by suggestive sculptures at every turn. The view from the 4th floor is also fabulous. 

Also here you will find a traditional type of almond wine, which originates from this exact place. The original recipe of the delicious delicacy traces back to this very village, but it is popularly enjoyed all over Sicily. It contains almond, citrus and herbal notes, and the sweetness makes it a popular choice for an after-dinner drink.  

The best place to enjoy a sip of the traditional wine is of course in Castelmola.

Castelmola main square

Castelmola town as venue for private parties and weddings in Taormina

An event in Castelmola is an opportunity to throw the ultimate, typical Sicilian style celebration, centered on warm hospitality, a sense of cheer, and of course delicious typical food.

Castelmola is normally a sleepy town, with a small number of residents, and receiving handfuls of visitors each day during the summer months. When we hold events in Castelmola, you have the whole village at your disposal, and working with us we can transform it to bring the vision of your event to life.  

One of the unique things about this place is that the whole village comes together to make a fantastic inclusive celebration. 

This way, we can recreate typical Sicilian-style feasts called ‘Sagre’, which are traditionally held to celebrate various Saints days. These food-based festivals, which are held in Sicily and all over Italy and held in small regions to celebrate their typical foods.

When we organize an event in Castelmola, we have the traditional bars and restaurants of the village all getting involved. 

Video credit Strawberry and Champagne wedding designer

Food & Drink

The feasts are normally made up of ‘stations’ or ‘stalls’ set up around the square. The bars and restaurants of the village get involved by offering something for the feast, e.g. one provides the pizza, one offers the meat dishes, and another will provide the wine… this way, it’s guaranteed that everything to eat and drink comes from a very close proximity. 

A Castelmola party largely centres around the food, characterized as a street food festival. Your guests will have the chance to try many typical delicacies, provided by local cooks. 

This casual kind of feast gives attendees the chance to try a bit of everything: the pizza, the pasta, the arancini, the cheese, the meats and everything in between!

Credit Raquel Benito photographer
Granita track during the Event in Castelmola
Credit Raquel Benito photographer

The Entertainment

The entertainment for an event in Castelmola is also local. For example, you can expect a local band will provide folklore music, we’ll have a local shepherd preparing the fresh ricotta, and theatrical performances by locals in traditional Sicilian dress.

There are many food-based attractions, adding to the authentic Sicilian feel. These include the vendor who sells dried fruits and nuts, the Sicilian mamma making maccheroni pasta, the fabulous granite cart and of course pizza!

The charm of a Castelmola event is that it involves the local community in every aspect. We even invite the mayor and the priest, who is always happy to say a few words! Once the dancing begins later on, happy residents passing by will often join in the celebration. 

A celebration in Castelmola is a laid back affair, where having fun and getting a taste of Sicilian traditions is the aim. 

It is the perfect choice for couples looking for a fun and memorable pre-wedding party, where guests feel free to let their hair down and dance the night away, with the food, wine and entertainment making everyone merry. 

Different from a formal occasion, the seating usually comprises of tables and chairs on the balcony of the church with a view of Mt. Etna as well as cushions on the steps. There is also exclusive use of the local bar, where you can rest your dancing feet!

Guests enjoying the wedding in Taormina
Credit Raquel Benito photographer

The Decoration 

Castelmola is a venue that makes possible many themes and opportunities of customization.  Typical decorations include light installations (these could be elegant string lights or more elaborate choice of Le Luminaire, Sicilian style colorful lights), traditional Sicilian cart and horse, ape car, or a Fruttivendolo stall, a traditional fruit stall providing an ideal photo opportunity. 

For something spectacular, we can organize a fabulous firework show for the ultimate end to the evening. With a stunning light show over the fabulous view of the sea and mount Etna, the hearts of your guests will surely be warmed.

Further additions could be the Opera dei Pupi (puppet theatre), folklore dancers, and an opera singer putting on a show from the balcony. The choices of entertainment, traditional and modern, really are endless.

Credit Raquel Benito photographer

Plan your private event or wedding party in Castelmola

An event in Castelmola is a guaranteed hit for your guests, whether you are hoping to hold a post-wedding celebration, the ultimate birthday party, anniversary, or any other excuse to get friends and colleagues together. 

It is a unique chance to experience a small Sicilian village, with local people, food and customs provided in every element of the celebration.

Being a small town close by to Taormina, the people running local businesses and suppliers of Castelmola are our great friends. These are some of our favorite events to hold, because they never disappoint!

If you are thinking about holding a celebratory event or wedding party in Sicily, Castelmola could be the perfect place. Get in touch with us today and let’s get planning!

Sicily is becoming an ever more popular choice for a wedding destination. In this post, you will discover why you will probably need a local wedding planner and the benefit of hiring one. We also answer all the common questions we are asked. Do you need a wedding planner if you will get married in Sicily? What is the wedding planner taking care of? What is the benefit of hiring one? In this article, we answer all these questions to help you take steps towards the perfect wedding in Sicily.

Sicily has become a very popular choice for those looking for a dreamy destination wedding and the help of a wedding planner will definitely make your special day planning easy and smooth.

On Italy’s largest Mediterranean island, the summer months are long with the temperature never getting really cold. There are plenty of beautiful old buildings and palatial villas, offering idyllic scenes for a grand and picturesque Italian wedding.

Sicily is an island containing endless variations of beauty, allowing you to choose between many settings. Many couples choose a beach wedding, but there are also beautiful mountain settings, exclusive wineries, heavenly countryside, baroque buildings, classic hotels… and the list goes on!

However, when it comes to planning a wedding in Sicily, it can be difficult to do it on your own for many reasons.

You do not speak the language, you have limited knowledge of the venues and locations, you need to fill in papers and someone local can help you with all this. 

After all, a wedding is supposed to be as much fun and as little stress as possible.

Our expert wedding planning services allow you to enjoy the organization of your wedding, knowing you are in the hands of a professional who has planned many beautiful weddings in Sicily, and will be delighted to help you create a memorable event. 

So here is what you need to think about and do when planning your wedding in Sicily.

Wedding at Belmond Timeo hotel Taormina
Wedding organized at the Belmond Timeo Grand Hotel

Hire a local wedding planner

When it comes to organizing a wedding in Sicily, there is no doubt that the most stress free way to do it, and the way to get the result you desire, is to hire a local wedding planner

Hiring professional help from someone who knows the area is the best way to take away the stresses that can often arise if you try to plan your wedding alone! 

A local wedding planner has an extensive book of contacts so they can help you with every aspect of the process, from the legal paperwork, to scouting locations, finding the perfect decorations, and adding details that nod to local traditions and customs. 

If you are thinking of a destination wedding in Italy, and don’t speak the language, we think a local wedding planner is almost essential! 

Sicily is a beautiful island with many areas undiscovered by tourists. Many of the suppliers known by the wedding planner are experts in their craft; often they are based in traditional, uncovered parts of the island and do not speak English. 

These are the kinds of suppliers that add authenticity to your wedding and you would struggle to find them alone!

Taormina theatre symbolic wedding
Civil ceremony at the Taormina Greek Theater

Decide when you want to get married

One of the reasons why Sicily is such a popular wedding destination is because of the Mediterranean climate that the island enjoys all year round.

The most popular time to get married in Sicily is of course the summer, as many choose to combine their special day with a honeymoon in Sicily to make the most of the beautiful sea and sun. 

However, there is also much to be said for a Sicily wedding in the spring, autumn, or even winter. Sicily is an island of endless varieties of beauty, so there is something for every couple at each time of year. 

In the spring, you can enjoy a warm, comfortable temperature while still being able to enjoy the sea. 

In autumn, the climate is still higher than many European destinations and you can enjoy the seasonal changes such as the wine harvest and leaves turning red in stunning locations such as Madonie Natural Park.

In the winter, it’s the best time to have a wedding in one of Sicily’s spectacular villas or grand palaces. For nature and winter lovers, you could even have a wedding in the snow on Mt. Etna!

To help you decide which season in Sicily is best for your wedding, we compiled this ultimate guide of pros and cons of getting married in Sicily in each season and of course, the wedding planner will be able to suggest and recommend different settings and venues for your special day, based on the season you choose. 

Decide what kind of celebration you want

Most couples will already have at least a vague idea of the kind of wedding celebration they want. 

Do you love the idea of getting married with your feet in the sands?

If you tell this to our expert wedding planner, they will suggest some ideas such as a bespoke symbolic wedding ceremony at one of Taormina’s charming beaches such as Isola Bella, or perhaps at one of Taormina’s luxury beach clubs where everything can be designed and tailored to suit your needs.

If so, our wedding planner could organize a bespoke wedding by Isola Bella Taormina

Or did you want to get married in a charming Italian village with locals joining you for the celebration? If so, maybe they will suggest a hilltop medieval village such as Castelmola, where winding streets and a charming old square set the perfect Sicilian scene. 

Whatever you have in mind for the type of wedding you want, once you start to tell your vision to a wedding planner, they will present you with a list of options. They could also include some ideas that you may not have considered but end up falling in love with! 

Your wedding planner will help you to hash out the details, so that you can make a final decision, and they can get to work with making it a reality.

Wedding party in Castelmola Sicily
Pre-wedding party at Castelmola town

Choose the wedding venue

Once you have decided on the kind of wedding you want, then it’s time to decide on the venue.

Our expert wedding planners have contacts with the most exclusive and desirable wedding locations in Sicily

Once a wedding planner knows the number of guests you will have, they are able to suggest suitable locations. They will also be able to suggest accommodation and transport for guests based on your venue decision.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive hotel based wedding with fantastic views, a seaside ceremony, or an elaborate affair in the grounds of one of Sicily’s royal buildings, our wedding planners know the best venues in each category. 

For example, if you are looking for a hotel celebration, our wedding planner may explore with you options such as the classic Belmond Timeo hotel or the fabulous San Domenico Palace, both in Taormina, where the best hotels in Sicily can be found. 

One of the best things about a wedding in Sicily is the variety of venue options. If you are looking for an interior wedding, our planner may suggest baroque estates such as Villa Valguarnera in Bagheria, an area renowned for its impressive villas.

For something truly spectacular, it’s even possible to have a wedding at the spectacular ancient Greek theatre, or to have an island such as Isola Bella all to yourself for the special day. 

Once you have chosen a venue together, the wedding planner will be able to explore with you all the options for making it your own.

wedding party in Castelmola
Pre-wedding party in Castelmola town close to Taormina

Make a list of guests and send invitations

Once you have discovered your dream Sicily wedding location, then you will be able to make the final call about guest numbers.

Organizing and sending out invitations can be an arduous task. 

You might find yourself checking over the envelopes hundreds of times just to make sure you have included everyone and that all the addresses are correct. 

This is a very important step when it comes to wedding planning! Our wedding planner can help you with the administration and make sure every detail is covered. 

Depending on how much involvement in the process the couple wishes to have, our wedding planner can take care of the entire RSVP process, communicating with guests on your behalf to take another task off of your plate!

When it comes to designing the invitations, our wedding planner has a trusted and exclusive list of contacts that will work alongside the couple and the planner to create something that gives guests a most reflective preview of what to expect. 

Many couples choose to have an invitation that reflects the theme of the upcoming wedding; others opt for something elegant and simple and do not give away any clues! 

Our trusted contact of stationary and invitation designers will explore the options with you so that you can decide on an invitation that fits your vision and which will be a beautiful reminder to store away in a memory box.

Wedding table decoration

Book the wedding photographers

We know that choosing a wedding photographer is a very important part of the planning process. Every couple wants to relax on the day without worrying that the photographer may not capture the moment in the way you have in mind. 

Every couple wants to be present on your special day knowing that their special day will be captured beautifully so that you can have that perfect mantelpiece photo, and a visual representation of the happy memories you create with family and friends on the day.

Our wedding planner has trusted and reputable contacts when it comes to choosing the photographer. They will guide you through some selected options, showing examples of previous works and portfolios so that you can make an informed choice.

Once you have made a decision on the photographer, the wedding planner will take forward and make the necessary agreements and contracts with the photographer, which will include dates such as when you will receive your treasured photos. 

Define the wedding menu

Another fundamental aspect of any wedding is of course the food. And when it comes to keeping palettes and stomachs happy, what better place to be than Sicily? 

With its rich culinary culture, and abundance of the best ingredients grown locally, your guests will have the chance to be treated to some unforgettable flavors.

Included in the contacts book of our wedding planner are the most highly reputed chefs and caterers in Sicily. The first step is to communicate with your wedding planner about which kind of menu you have in mind, if you have some ideas already. 

Do you want fine dining and photogenic dishes to accompany an elegant day? Or perhaps you want to treat your guests to typical dishes for a traditional Sicilian style celebration. Our wedding planner knows chefs of all styles, who always deliver outstanding dishes and are experts in doing so on a large scale. 

Perhaps you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan based menu. If so, the variety of Sicilian cuisine means that you won’t be limited. Many of the most prevalent dishes of the island are based on vegetables and wheat, the basic ingredients of the local cuisine.

The chefs we work with all have their own styles and creativity when it comes to their dishes. They each work with the best quality, seasonal ingredients, and the menu will be an important part of the ‘mood’ of your wedding. 

But whatever the season and the location, our wedding planner will work directly with the couple and the chef to agree on the perfect set of dishes that will surely be a highlight of the day.

Food during even made in Castelmola
Fish menu at wedding

Chose the ceremony and venue decorations

Another vital step of the wedding planning process is to choose and source the decorations for the ceremony and the party venue.

Perhaps you already have an idea of the overall visual theme of your wedding.

For example, do you want a traditional Sicilian style, featuring additions such as folklore music, colorful table decorations, with typical ‘Sicilian head’ ceramic centerpieces?

Or maybe you’d prefer an understated affair with neutral tones and elegant fabrics?

If you have an idea already, our wedding planner will help you to build on this.

They will provide you with mood boards that help to visualize the theme and the mood of the day. This process can be made of as much or as little involvement from the couple’s side as they wish.

Then the wedding planner will get to work sourcing all the local decorations; fabrics, accessories, etc. They know where to hire each specialty item and where to find the best quality of each, and importantly, how to communicate with them!

Wedding table at the Belmond Timeo hotel in Taormina
Wedding party at Belmond Timeo (Taormina)
Sicilian decorartions for events

Make sure you have all legal requirements set

Planning a destination wedding can have its bureaucratic challenges. This is one of the main advantages of hiring an expert wedding planner, since they will be able to eliminate this stress. 

Each country has its own requirements for couples wishing to get married there. The requirements also differ from the couple’s side, depending on their Nationality. 

The legal requirements also depend on factors such as; whether the couple is looking for a religious wedding ceremony; do they want a ‘binding’ ceremony, or a ‘symbolic’ one? Many couples choose to have the ‘actual’ wedding in their home country, and then travel to Italy with their guests for the symbolic ceremony and celebration.

In general, the documents required by couples include: 

  • Certificate of No Impediment/Atto Notorio: The name of this document varies depending on the country, but every couple will need to obtain one of some kind. In the U.S., it’s called an Atto Notorio, but in other countries it’s called a Certificate of Freedom to Marry. 
  • A Nulla Osta: this is a legal document that must be issued in the couple’s home country that states the couple is permitted to get married and there are no matrimonial impediments. Depending on your home country, you may need to apply for this at the Italian Embassy of their country once they arrive in Italy. 
  • Evidence of termination of any previous marriages
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid passport

With the help of an expert wedding planner, you can make sure you are doing everything right when it comes to the legal documentation required for getting married. 

Some of the documents may need to be translated into Italian for them to be legalized in Italy. Your wedding planner will also be able to support with this. 

For a detailed explanation on what you need to do in order to get married in Italy, check out our blog post on Legal requirements to get married in Italy. 

Have fun

And the most important stage of the wedding…enjoy yourselves!

Not only is it important to relax and have fun on your wedding day, but also during the planning process. 

While there are many details to think about and decisions to make, the organization of and the run up to the event can be enjoyable in itself.

If you are trying to plan your destination wedding alone, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, not just because there are many different areas of planning, and endless details to think about… but also because it can consume so much time and can even start to feel like a ‘job’. 

By hiring a wedding planner you can ensure that your wedding planning process is smooth and efficient, allowing you to have fun as things start to take shape and you see your dream wedding coming to life.

Sicily wedding planner – F.A.Q

We are wedding planners based in Taormina and thanks to our experience we can design any kind of wedding parties and celebrations. We receive many questions from clients and here are some of the most popular questions we get and the answers.

For many couples, a wedding in Italy is what dreams are made of.

It’s considered one of the most romantic countries to get married, offering brides and grooms the chance to tie the knot in the most beautiful, historical, and scenic locations.

Sicily is chosen time and time again as a place that combines all these elements.

But before this dream is made a reality, there are several stages to go through to make it possible.

We have put together this ultimate guide to the legal requirements of marriage in Italy, so that you can understand the first steps you need to take.

The legal requirements vary based on which country you come from, and on which type of ceremony (religious, civil, symbolic, etc.) you wish to have.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, while entirely possible to organise yourself, we highly recommend hiring an expert local wedding planner.

Our highly experienced wedding planner will be able to guide you through every step and remove the stresses that inevitably arise!

In both cases keep on reading and find out the paperwork you’ll need to getting married in Italy (or Sicily!).

Marriage in Italy: type of possible weddings 

Religious ceremonies 

As a country with a rich religious history, Italy is chosen frequently by couples looking to have a religious wedding ceremony. The country has no shortage of charming and historical churches providing an intimate and humble setting.

Italian law states that Catholic ceremonies must take place within a Catholic church and conducted by a Catholic priest.

When it comes to the dates regarding paperwork, you must obtain it within (but not before) 6 months of your planned wedding date.

The archdiocese in Italy must receive this paperwork at least 2 months prior to the wedding.

For Jewish weddings, there are many beautiful and historical synagogues that make for both a stunning and suitable wedding location.

Depending on the Rabbi, you may also be able to get married in an alternative venue such as a villa or outdoor location.

Make sure to contact your Rabbi soon as you know you want to get married in Italy, so that there is plenty of time for him to support you with the relevant documentation.

Protestant and other religious weddings can also be held and be a ‘civil ceremony’ meaning it’s legally binding in Italy, otherwise you can also choose to have a >‘marriage blessing’ which is less official. In this case, you will need to provide proof of the civil ceremony.

Civil weddings 

A civil wedding is legally binding and recognised by Italian law.

Perhaps the main limit of a civil wedding is the location: this type of wedding must be conducted in an authorised venue(usually a town hall) and is overseen my a local government official.

Bear in mind that even though the religious wedding ceremony and the civil wedding ceremony can both be overseen by a minister, it does not mean that a religious ceremony is automatically a civil ceremony.
Since it’s legally binding, there is a lot of paperwork involved in Civil wedding ceremonies, and which you need to organise before arriving in Italy.

This also varies depending on your Nationality. The best way to overcome the bureaucratic challenge is with the help of an expert wedding planner.

Another option is to have the civil wedding in your own country, before coming to Italy for the symbolic ceremony.

Symbolic ceremonies 

A symbolic ceremony is what its name suggests: not a legally binding ceremony but one that otherwise has the characteristics of an official wedding.

You still say you ‘i do’s’ but it does not have any legal weighting.

Many couples who want to get married in Italy choose to have both types of ceremony because the Symbolic ceremony gives you a lot more choice in terms of location and wedding style.

In Sicily there are endless options for a beautiful symbolic ceremony: it could take place on the beach, in a royal palace, on a volcanic island, or even on a private yacht (for some inspiration check our post about the best and unique wedding venues in Sicily)

Religious wedding in Taormina

Same-sex marriage in Italy 

Same-sex civil unions are finally legal ( since 2016) in Italy. Meaning anyone is free to make their love official in one of the most romantic destinations possible.

Much of the planning and preparation is the same as a mixed-sex wedding. However, there is currently one main difference, which is that there is a mandatory period of time the couple must wait between their appointment at the town hall and the date of the ceremony.

The legal documents required from the town hall in Italy may also vary slightly, but not always so it’s best to check with the town hall itself (unless you have chosen a destination wedding planner, who will take care of all such tasks).

Getting married in Italy – What documents do you need? 

To get married in Italy you do not need to be a resident, however, in order to legally get married here, it is necessary to present certain papers and certifications.

We have listed the most important ones.

Our destination wedding planner services include practical help to deal with the legal side so that you can be sure you have all the papers in order and can get married without troubles or worries.

Paperwork for a Catholic wedding 

If you would like to have a Catholic wedding in Italy, there are several requirements you need to fulfill and paperwork that you need to gather. You need:

  • To be granted permission from your Parish Bishop and complete the Pre-Cana course, in addition to gathering the required baptis, communion and confirmation certificates
  • Written permission from your parish priest, stating their acceptance of your wedding taking place in your chosen church in Italy
  • Another permission letter (Same as above) but from the bishop of the parish
  • Provide proof of the annulment of any past marriages
  • Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form for each person to be completed by the priest
  • Certificate of civil wedding certificate, if the Italian priest is conducting only the religious ceremony side
  • If one part of the couple is not Catholic, you need permission from your church allowing a “mixed-religion” wedding

Wedding in Taormina Ancient Theatre

How to get all paperwork for your destination wedding in Italy  

Generally speaking, there is plenty of conflicting advice when it comes to what paperwork you need for your destination wedding in Italy.

The requirements also vary depending on which country you are from.

For example, if you are a British citizen, there are four main things you will need:

  1. Certificate of no Impediment. This is obtained from your local Registry Office in the UK
  2. The statutory declaration which you can download here
  3. To legalize your documents: after obtaining 1 and 2, they need to be legalised by the FCO Legalisation Office. This is done via their website.
  4. The translated version of the [legalized] Certificate of No Impediment.

These documents then need to be submitted to your chosen town hall in Italy where you wish for your wedding to take place.

If you are an American citizen, the requirements are slightly different. You will need:

  1. To obtain the Atto Notorio. You should request this from your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate in the United States.
  2. Get the Nulla Osta from the U.S. consulate in Italy. You need to make an appointment via your embassy and must be at least one month before your wedding. But bear in mind the document expires after 6 months.
  3. Have the Nulla Osta in legalized in Italy. This can be done at the local “Prefettura” of the district where you have chosen to get married.

To find out which paperwork is necessary for your nationality, visit the website of your country’s embassy.

The Nulla Osta and how to get it 

The Nulla Osta is the Italian version of the ‘Certificate of no Impediment’, which is a legal document stating the couple has the right to be married. 

This is a fundamental document for foreigners getting married in Italy, and it must be sworn within Italy.

To obtain it, you will need to apply at your country’s consulate in Italy.

For example, if you are an Australian citizen, the Nulla Osta is obtained from the Australian Embassy in Rome or the Australian Consulate-General in Milan.

You will need to make an appointment through your country’s embassy in advance.

Costs of legal paperwork for getting married in Italy 

The cost of the legal paperwork for getting married in Italy depends on which country you’re coming from and therefore which documents you need to obtain.

For example, for an American citizen following the process above, the cost is:

  1. The fee for the Atto Notorio is around $20.00 USD
  2. The fee for the Nulla Osta is $50 USD
  3. The fee for the legalization of the Nulla Osta is €16,00 EUR

Belmond Timeo hotel wedding

How long do you need to be in Italy before getting married? 

Technically speaking, there are no requirements for the number of days you need to spend in Italy before getting married here. You do not need to be a resident.

However, you do need to make sure you have enough time to make sure all the paperwork is sorted and everything is organized.

The time you need in the run-up to the wedding will depend on the type of service you have chosen, and whether or not you have hired a destination wedding planner.

If you are organizing your wedding and your paperwork yourself, then it is recommended that you arrive in Italy 3-5 days before the wedding so that you can submit your legal documents at the town hall and collect your finalized Nulla Osta.

If you have the support of a wedding planner, then there will be much less to do in terms of organization.

The process for finalizing your paperwork will also be easier as they can help guide you through every stage with clarity and ease.

List of all documents you need for getting married in Italy 

Generally speaking, if you are a foreigner wanting to get married in Italy, you will need:

  1. Your passport
  2. Birth certificate
  3. The [legalized] Nulla òsta, or the equivalent certification of no impediment

While this information is as accurate as possible, if you are not hiring an expert wedding planner, and instead are organizing things yourself, we recommend that you consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate for your country to receive up to date and official advice on the steps you need to take to obtain all the necessary paperwork for marriage in Italy.

One of the first things couples do when planning a wedding in Sicily is choosing the location. Sicily has plenty of amazing wedding venues to choose from. Whether you are looking for a classic and elegant 5 star hotel or more unique locations, such as small medieval towns or exclusive wineries, Sicily has something to offer to everyone. In this post you will find our top 10 Sicily wedding venues and the reasons we love them.

Sicily is a timeless and, in our view, an unbeatable choice when it comes to destination wedding locations.

Encapsulating myth, tradition, and history while offering the simple delights of fantastic food, sparkling sun and sea, and incredible views.

Our Island of Sicily is one full of variety, so when it comes to choosing a wedding location, you can be spoilt for choice.

We have compiled our list of the top wedding venues in Sicily so that you can get a taste of what a wedding in Sicily could offer you.

We are the specialists of exclusive and memorable weddings in Sicily. If you are looking for further inspiration or looking to take the next steps, our expert wedding planner is here to make your Sicilian wedding a reality.

Not sure if you need a wedding planner? Read our article about the good reasons for hiring a wedding planner in Sicily and find out!


San Domenico Palace (Taormina), the former Dominican monastery

The San Domenico Palace Hotel, recently overtaken by the Four Seasons, sits in a truly magnificent setting that has attracted guests since ancient times.

A luxury 5-star hotel in an ancient Dominican monastery, it has views over Mount Etna and Taormina Bay on the east coast of Sicily.

Countless famous writers, artists, and composers came here to savor this unique spot at the very tip of Italy.

The hotel features many enviable features that make for a stunning setting for a wedding celebration.

Among them are:

  • The immaculate garden designed by acclaimed Italian architect Marco Bay
  • Two ancient cloisters
  • A stunning infinity pool with one of the best views stretching across the East coast and towards the mighty Etna volcano

A combination of which makes for a truly impressive backdrop.

During its recent renovation, the hotel’s ancient feel has been tied harmoniously with modern features, making this a grand yet enchanting venue for the wedding celebration of dreams.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding at the San Domenica Palace.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo (Taormina), the Grand Tour favourite since 1800

Set in the heart of Taormina, next to the Ancient Greek Theatre, the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo serves up views that have enchanted those in the know for over a century.

The first hotel to be built in the city gazes out across the coast towards Mount Etna and beyond.

Probably the most luxurious hotel in town, with one of Italy’s most dramatic and classic backdrops, this location is chosen time and time again by discerning couples.

Here you and your guests can soak up all the senses of Sicily.

During a wedding at Grand Hotel Timeo, you can enjoy moments of celebration in immaculate gardens, be treated to sensational cuisine and be inspired by the classical beauty that surrounds you.

The hotel’s location close to the centre of Taormina makes it a great choice if you are opting for a church wedding, since you and your guests can take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful town as you go from one venue to the next, surely receiving lots of smiles and attention along the way!

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding at the Grand Hotel Timeo.

Belmond Timeo hotel wedding

Taormina public gardens between lush vegetation and top-notch view

The Taormina public gardens or ‘villa comunale’ are the ideal spot for a wedding celebration in impressive landscaped gardens with spectacular sea views.

The public gardens in Taormina are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike as a place of calm and reflection.

They are appreciated during an evening stroll or ‘passeggiata’ or during the afternoons by those seeking respite from the blazing sun.

This is a nature-filled Mediterranean paradise, yet the collection of lush florals and tropical botanies, combined with old monuments and buildings give this park an oriental feel, making this a peaceful and unique venue for a wedding celebration.

The garden also possesses hints of an English style, since it was conceived by Lady Florence Trevelyan, an English noblewoman who was a cousin of Queen Victoria.

The photo opportunities in the public gardens are second to none, with one of the best views downhill towards the bay and across the expansive and sparking Sicilian sea. So even if you opt for an alternative venue, we recommend spending some moments of your special day in this place of tranquillity.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding at Taormina public gardens.

Wedding at Taormina Public Gardens

Taormina Greek Theater, between history and romance

For a truly unique wedding location, lucky couples can choose to hold their ceremony in the ancient and spectacular setting of the Taormina Greek Theatre.

One of the most exclusive and special wedding venue in Sicily, a wedding at the Taormina Greek Theatre will be sure to create vivid and lasting memories for both couples and their guests.

Set in a breathtaking location with an unbeatable view of Mount Etna and the beautiful coastline of the Ionian Sea through the ancient Greek-Roman pillars, a ceremony at the theatre is truly a dream-come-true moment.

A wedding in the Taormina Greek Theater is the ultimate privilege and exclusive experience in Sicily, where you will feel as though the whole city is yours!

After the ceremony, make your way to one of these other exclusive places to continue your Sicilian wedding with a romantic dinner and after-dark celebrations.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding celebration at the Greek Theater.

Luxury wedding Taormina theatre

Castelmola town: celebrate your party in the real Sicilian style

The medieval village of Castelmola, perched high above Taormina, is the perfect location for those looking to celebrate their wedding in true local style and it is also our favorite Sicily wedding venue as it allows us to recreate a proper and real typical Sicilian feast!

Imagine having a charming medieval village all to yourself, set as the stage for a modern yet authentic Sicilian celebration. Then add participation of the local community to this unique setting, joining in the festivities and adding to the joyful atmosphere.

The result is the most memorable party that will exceed your expectations and allow your guests experience the essence and warmth of real Sicily.

If you want to know more about the venue read the post about Castelmola and how it can be used as an event location.

Choosing Castelmola as your venue, our expert wedding planners can arrange a personalized setting and decorations, along with an indulgent feast to suit your tastes; be it seated with guests amongst the medieval walls, or even create your own mini-festival, inviting neighbors old and young to join in the celebration.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding party in Castelmola Town.

Wedding celebration Castelmola Sicily

Dimora delle Balze (Noto), the luxury baroque of Sicily

Dimora delle Balze is a place of tranquil calm set in the midst of the Noto countryside.

A 19th-century estate with 11 charmingly designed rooms, this special venue was chosen by the Italian power couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez for their 2018 wedding.

It offers captivating views toward Val di Noto, a stunning rural area that has been granted Unesco heritage status.

Offering couples the chance to create a truly customized event; this venue can be transformed to suit the most particular of tastes. But with its meticulously restored outbuildings and sophisticated courtyards, this place is naturally captivating.

The whole venue is available for exclusive use, so you can make this corner of paradise all yours for a few days.

Imagine celebrating your love story with friends and guests gathered for a special dinner on tables wrapped around a citrus-filled courtyard, and the night culminating with music and dancing around stone columns and alongside the saltwater pool.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding at Dimora delle Balze.

Sicily beach wedding: Isola Bella (Taormina), celebrate your wedding in the natural marine reserve

When considering where to get married in Sicily, an intimate ceremony on Isola Bella (or the ‘beautiful island’) is certainly an option worth exploring.

The charming private beach clubs (such as Taobeach or Pizzichella) across from the island can be dedicated to the celebrations and decorated to fulfill the creative visions of all couples. Isola Bella is definitely one of the most unique wedding venues if you want to host your party in a protected reserve close to the most distinctive landmark of Taormina and whole Sicily.

Celebrate your love right next to the toing and froing of the waves while dancing the night away. Exclusive hotels surrounding the bay of Taormina are another timeless choice.

We love Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, Atlantis Bay and Baiamuri.

Otherwise, it is possible to elope on the botanic beauty that is Isola Bella itself. An ideal option if you are looking for a low-key occasion where you can officiate your love with only your nearest and dearest to witness.

With the island’s lush greenery contrasting with its surrounding blue, a ceremony on Isola Bella is another picture-perfect Sicilian wedding location.

Contact us if you want to organize a beach wedding in Taormina.

Bagheria wedding venue: Villa Valguarnera, the baroque estate that has inspired Dolce & Gabbana

Villa Valguarnera in the small town of Bagheria is a stunning example of 18th century Renaissance architecture, with a striking baroque interior.

This special place has the designer credentials to back it up its prestige: Dolce and Gabbana chose it for their fragrance video that was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starring Sophia Loren.

The villa is an eclectic and yet elegant aristocratic palace, owned by Princess Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca.

Every room is fit for a Royal’s presence, and with character and detail bursting from the seams; the whole place is a photographer or cinematographer’s dream.

No wonder this venue is widely regarded as the most romantic place to stay (or to celebrate) in the whole of Sicily.

If you are looking for a wedding in a grand and ornamental setting that radiates the romanticism of Sicily, then Villa Valguarnera is surely the right choice.

Another charming option is Villa Tasca: another majestic historical residence with classical gardens and neoclassical architecture.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding in a private villa in Sicily.

Aeolian Islands wedding venue: get married in front of the erupting volcano of Stromboli

The Aeolian islands are some of the wild treasures of Sicily, dotted around the Northeast side of the main island.

Composed of seven; Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, and Panarea. They represent an extraordinary testimony to the birth and evolution of the volcanic islands.

A wedding on one of the beautiful and remote Aeolian islands is a chance to set your special day surrounded by breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, before setting onto the islands themselves and experiencing the charms of local life, and sitting down to a feast full of the most local produce and delicacies.

Lucky couples will even have the chance to experience volcanic eruptions, especially from the powerful beauty that is Stromboli Island, who provides the most incredible of backdrops, and a sight sure to leave guests speechless as she puts on an amazing show amazing show at night, when the rivers of fire ooze down to the sea.

For a small, intimate occasion, couples can opt for a luxurious yacht wedding: be immersed by the turquoise seas as you say your ‘I do’s’ with a backdrop of mythical islands.

Then sit back and relax with your closest, enjoy the endless blues as you drift from one island to the next.

Contact us if you want to organize your wedding at the Aeolian Islands.

Those are just some ideas but the list is endless. For all your needs regarding an unforgettable wedding in Sicily, contact our team of experts who are here to make your dream come true.

If you are planning your destination wedding in Sicily and are not sure where to start don’t worry! We have written the ultimate guide for a destination wedding where you will find many suggestions and tips based on our experience as wedding planners and events creators.

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, there are hundreds of decisions to make, ranging from the smallest of decorative details to the bigger, more obvious such as location, as well as the numerous administrative and legal requirements in between.

If you are planning your big day in Sicily and don’t know where to start from this article has you covered. In this updated destination wedding guide you will find out all you need to know about a destination wedding and helps you to understand why a local expert, like us, can help if you are dreaming about getting married in Italy and, above all, Sicily, the island we are really passionate about.

If you are looking for a luxury Destination Wedding planner in Taormina and Sicily get in touch with us and discuss with our experts your ideas. We will make sure to make them real.

Working in the luxury field for more than a decade, we know exactly how to create memorable weddings for you and your guests.

Now, let’s keep on reading, and let’s find out what a destination wedding is and what a destination wedding planner does. But also why Sicily could be the perfect location for your special day!

What is a Destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place away from the couple’s hometown or country.

For many couples, it is a chance to make reality the ceremony of their dreams, in a location they have close to their heart.

Unlike a regular or non-destination wedding, the event beyond the ceremony tends to last longer than one day, in order to make the most of the chosen location and the long-distance travelled by the couple and guests.

The wedding is either planned long-distance by the couple themselves, or by a destination-wedding planner who is usually based in the country of choice.

Year after year, Italy is chosen as one of the top countries for a destination wedding, and in recent years, more couples are choosing the magical island of Sicily to tie the knot and make special, lasting memories for themselves and guests.

Indeed, Italian celeb couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez chose to wed in the beautiful Sicilian countryside location of Noto.

Photo group at Castelmola pre-wedding

Reasons why you need a destination wedding planner in Sicily

All weddings require a lot of planning, with most couples tending to begin the process a year or two in advance.

That being said, the long-distance nature of destination weddings means there is an even greater deal of planning and organization involved.

Without a local wedding planner, the run-up to a destination wedding can be a rather stressful experience.

Each country has different rules and customs when it comes to wedding ceremonies, and there are likely to be a number of tricky bureaucratic and administrative challenges along the way.

A good local wedding planner knows the industry in their country inside out. They have planned many destination weddings and have seen and overcome the various challenges a thousand times before.

Luxury Wedding Set Up Taormina

1. The destination wedding planner saves you time

While planning your special day alone, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the details. Naturally, you want the event to be perfect, and this can mean going over and over the options in your head, and never actually coming to conclusions.

There can be endless emails with venues regarding availability, pricing, capacity and facilities, alongside back and forth with suppliers regarding decorations, food, equipment, entertainment, and so on.

The list really is endless, and you will end up with hundreds of tabs open, not only on your Internet browser but also inside your head!

An experienced wedding planner already knows the answer to many of the questions you will spend months asking.

Planning a great wedding alone, while possible, is to take the long way around. For a more efficient planning experience, your best option really is to choose a local expert whose inside knowledge allows them to take the direct route and get the ball rolling quickly.

They say that planning a wedding is like taking on a second job. And with all the expectations of modern-day life, taking on such a task can really consume your every last minute.

Your downtime should be spent in much less stressful ways! Instead, allow your planning to be an enjoyable experience by leaving it to the professional. You can be sure that every communication with them from start to finish will be a pleasure rather than a chore.

Let’s have a chat and discuss your wedding plans in Sicily. We are a creative destination wedding planning company based in Taormina with extensive experience in luxury weddings and events planning.

Taormina Sicily wedding table arrangement

2. The destination wedding planner speaks the local language

One of the barriers while planning a destination wedding is of course the language. The language is usually the first barrier that couples can face when trying to plan their destination wedding in Italy.

You will soon discover that various paperwork and conversations are required. For example, one of the steps is to visit the local marriage office in the city hall of your chosen location in order to express your intention of marriage.

If you don’t speak italian, you will need to take with you a person who is able to translate. This is just one example of a scenario where a local wedding planner will be able to remove the stress around the language barrier.

In Sicily, communication with suppliers can be a particular challenge since many smaller businesses that may be involved do not speak English or additional languages.

This is especially true of those providing more traditional or niche elements that are special to the area, for example, particular flowers or food specialties from certain villages.

Sicily is a place that contains many traditions and idioms, which many couples choose to incorporate into their special day, so the ability to communicate with small, local suppliers makes a real difference.

A Sicilian wedding planner will have an extensive book of contacts for every aspect of a wedding, many of them based in remote settings, experts in their particular field. Not only do these local suppliers usually not speak English, but often they speak in a Sicilian dialect that only locals will recognize!

These kinds of relationships have been built by wedding providers over the years, and once they know your vision, they will go to the land’s end to call their contacts on your behalf and source the finer details that make a Sicilian wedding truly unique.

Sicilian decorartions for events

3. The destination wedding planner knows the territory and the venues

While it may be easy to find some of the most popular wedding venues in Sicily online doing your own research, if you want something that really brings your dream to life, then a wedding planner in Sicily is what you need.

Every couple has a unique vision, and it is the job of the destination-wedding planner to understand that vision while using their knowledge of the place to inject local expertise. After all, a couple usually tends to choose a certain location because they want an element of authenticity of the place to be reflected in their event.

Perhaps you have dreamt of tying the knot next to the Sicilian sea, a romantic town such as Taormina, or perhaps in a typical Italian village such as Castelmola.

Maybe you have your heart set on a grand palace location for a taste of old-style Sicily, or perhaps you’ve been considering something non-conventional, such as a wedding on the slopes of Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna.

An experienced wedding planner in Sicily will be able to guide you about the realities of these options so that you can make an informed choice.

A destination-wedding planner has knowledge about which venues and locations are optimal for which number of guests, which overnight arrangements will be possible, which kind of travel arrangements will be involved, and so on.

Once the planner has considered which venues will meet all your practical requirements, they will share with you a list of potential venues that tick your boxes from a stylistic and experiential view.

The insider knowledge of venues and locations is one of the reasons you should also choose a local destination-wedding planner, rather than an international planner or agency that is based in your home country, even if they do speak the language.

In addition, a destination-wedding planner knows which venues are actually possible for your kind of ceremony. They know the rules and regulations around weddings in Sicily, and by leaving it in their hands, you avoid a scenario where you get your hopes up regarding a venue only to find they don’t have the right kind of permit, for example!

Remember that for weddings in Italy (Sicily included) the official ceremony will need to take place in a town hall or in a church if it’s a Catholic wedding. However, many couples choose to accompany this official aspect with a symbolic ceremony, for which the location options are endless.

Castelmola main square

4. The destination wedding planner makes complicated planning easy

It goes without saying that by nature, wedding planners are highly organized. And destination-wedding planners are probably even more so, due to the added layer of complications involved when it comes to working cross-borders.

It’s these organizational skills that make the best wedding planners so great at what they do.

The art of wedding planning is making your special day look easy and for things to flow seamlessly. Your guests will have no idea of all the work that has been going on behind the scenes for months on end!

A great wedding planner removes stress from the couple.

There will be a thousand small details and practical conversations to be had, but being great listeners, they use the initial planning stages to really get to know your desires, and from there, they are able to have many conversations on your behalf without having to bother you for constant answers.

The result is a streamlined process, where the couple feels involved at every stage but never overwhelmed.

5. The destination wedding planner can help you with papers and requirements

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of hiring a wedding planner is that they can take away the stresses involved in finding out about the required documentation.

Which, if you’re going it alone, can involve a stressful process of research, plus chasing various authorities for answers and signatures.

If you are trying to plan a destination wedding alone, you will soon discover there are many administrative tasks involved when making sure you are doing things properly and legally.

For many couples, this can be a more complicated and unenjoyable aspect of the planning process.

A great destination-wedding planner is not phased by the various legal requirements and will happily take on these tasks on your behalf to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Food during even made in Castelmola

Legal requirements for getting married in Sicily

The official requirements needed for a destination wedding in Italy vary depending on the home country of the couple. It also depends on the couple’s nationality whether or not they will need to start preparing the paperwork from their home country or whether they can wait until they arrive in Italy.

If you require a religious ceremony, there are further papers you will need in order to get married in Italy.

Amongst the required documents are:

  • A pre-marriage preparation certificate from a Pre-Cana appointment
  • A permission letter from the Bishop of your parish
  • A Formal permission letter from your parish Priest stating that they accept your desire to marry at a particular church in Italy

This paperwork must then all be legalized and then translated into Italian so they can be accepted by the parish in Italy. If you want to know more about it read the post: Legal requirements to get married in Italy.

Our experienced destination wedding planner will be able to remove any stresses involved around paperwork.

We are highly experienced when it comes to organizing destination weddings for couples from around the world, and we know the processes like the back of our hands, so contact us and let us design the perfect wedding for you.

Getting married in Sicily should be a joyful experience from start to finish.

Wedding arrangement at Taormina luxury hotel

Popular destination wedding venues in Sicily

The choice of venue is one of the biggest decisions involved when planning a destination wedding. Sicily is an island of variety and contrasts, so the list really is endless. But one of the most timeless choices of wedding destinations in Sicily is the romantic town of Taormina.

For an official ceremony, you could choose one of the beautiful traditional churches around Taormina’s iconic checkerboard piazza. In the spring and summer, the trees lining the piazza are filled with bright pink bougainvillea flowers, making a classically beautiful backdrop.

When it comes to the post-ceremony event and party, or even if you are opting for a symbolic ceremony, then you would not regret opting for the luxury environment of one of Taormina’s top hotels. Top choices include San Domenico Palace, Villa Sant’Andrea, or Grand Hotel Timeo.

Each of these have been enjoyed by movie and literary stars since the 1960’s, and boast views to the sparkling sea and striking Mount Etna in the background.

If a more quant setting is what you prefer, then the village of Castelmola offers the most charming spot with unbeatable hilltop views. Imagine having a medieval village all to yourself. Then add the participation of the local community for an unforgettable, traditional street party. The result will be a truly unforgettable event that gives you and your guests a true taste of Sicily.

Other popular choices for an unforgettable destination-wedding in Sicily include luxury beach locations, such as Tao Beach club, a modern luxury beach venue where you can say ‘i do’ to the soundtrack of the Taormina sea then celebrate on the sand until the sun goes down.

Alternatively, the list of grand, palatial locations is extensive. Options include Villa La Limonaia, a neoclassical villa that featured in The Godfather, Palazzo Biscari in Catania, or the princely baroque residence of Castello san Marco. Whatever your dream Sicilian wedding location, our destination wedding planner will help you to find the perfect fit.

We work close to the most exclusive event venues in Taormina and whole Sicily. If you are planning a special wedding and want to surprise your guests, contact our event planner and start designing the perfect Sicilian wedding.

Sicilian drum

Sicily destination wedding tips and other considerations

When discussing your destination wedding with the event planner you will probably need to think about the following things.

Best time to get married in Sicily – Weather

The weather is an important consideration when it comes to destination-wedding planning. Many couples choose Sicily because they have dreamt of a Mediterranean wedding with blue skies and balmy nights. That said, the weather still varies across the island, and we are often asked “when is the best time of year to get married in Sicily?”…

The answer to this question truly differs for each searching couple, and we believe each season to have its own special offering. Our destination-wedding planner can help you decide which time of year will best suit your needs.

With this question in mind, we have also compiled an ultimate guide to the best time to get married in Sicily.

Additional event planning

One of the things that makes a destination wedding so special is the ability to explore the destination further beyond the day of ‘I do’.

After the long-distance preparation and flying guests from various locations to be united in this dreamy island, it is the perfect excuse to enjoy some unique excursions and experiences that will allow you to get an authentic taste of the place that you will always be connected to after your special day.

Perhaps you want to extend the celebrations or party and make the most of having all your family and friends gathered in a beautiful place. Whatever you have in mind, allow our experienced team of Sicily experts to help you craft an unforgettable event or itinerary.

Whether you are food enthusiasts, sea lovers, or history and culture fans, when it comes to making the most of your time in Sicily, leave it in our hands!

Dancer at event party

Flowers, lights, decorations, invitations and more

Choosing a local destination-wedding planner in Sicily will allow you to inject a sense of authenticity when it comes to the decorations and all-important details.

This can start right at the beginning with the invitations, to help get your guests excited for their trip to the beautiful island.

Our destination wedding expert will work closely with you on every detail, and ensure the practical things are all dealt with. Perhaps you would like your invitations infused with a scent of Sicily or designed by a local artist, when you choose our destination-wedding planning, nothing is off-limits.

Allow us to infuse your special day with details of Sicily that make it truly unique. For example, many couples choose to make the most of traditional aspects such as Zagara flowers.

Or perhaps you would like a table display made up of traditional Sicilian decorations such as “teste di moro” (colorful, ceramic vases).. We know exactly where to source the very things.

Passports, insurance, and health checks…

Make sure to leave plenty of time to ensure your passport, and those of your guests, are in date and valid. You will also need to consider travel insurance for yourselves and your guests. Not to mention any health checks or testing, both in general and around coronavirus.

Of course, the advice continues to change regularly but be assured that wedding planning is back on track (as Vogue writes) for 2022 and beyond.

Again, a great destination-wedding planner will make sure you are aware of the requirements and guide you through any steps you need to take to ensure you and your guests are reassured and good to go.-

Choose a destination-wedding planner to guide you through every step, and the result will be something truly unforgettable, with only the fondest of memories attached to your special day.

Contact us to start turning your dream of a destination wedding in Sicily into a reality.

Sicily is a dream wedding destination for many. Couples from the world over dream of tying the knot in a charming Sicilian setting, with beautiful towns like Taormina and Castelmola providing the perfect backdrop, and the beautiful countryside areas such as Noto offering a tranquil escape.

With its combination of breathtaking natural landscapes, sparkling sea and charming baroque architecture (not to mention the unbeatable cuisine) Sicily is a timeless wedding destination that is chosen time and time again by discerning brides and grooms.

Indeed, Italian power couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez realised the unique beauty of the island, and chose to hold their 2018 wedding in the stunning location of Dimora Delle Balze

As a destination for your special day, Sicily sells itself.

With Italy widely considered as one of the most romantic countries to tie the knot, and with Sicily’s rich history and positioning in the sunny south, it provides the ideal setting to create warm and lasting memories for couples and attendees. And with the last 14 months of being on hold, the good news is that it’s now time to start planning your Italian wedding for 2022 and beyond.

But when it comes to wedding planning, one of the first questions we are often asked is “when is the best time of year to get married in Sicily”?

The answer to this question truly differs for each searching couple, and we believe each season to have its own special offering. With that in mind, we have compiled an ultimate guide to the best time to get married in Sicily so that you can discover which one is right for you.

What’s the weather like for weddings in Sicily?

One of the more obvious reasons why Sicily is a top choice for weddings is the blue skies combined with the sparkling sea and sun.

Overall, Sicily enjoys a warmer, sunnier climate than the rest of Italy and many other European destinations. Stretching out across early June and throughout much of October, Sicily’s warmer months progress from comfortably warm to sizzlingly hot.

Spring and Autumn enjoy more moderate, yet reliable climates. And while winter is quieter and cooler on the island, with Mount Etna looking stunning in snow, it is still a worthy consideration for many.

Here are the pros and cons of each season for a wedding in Sicily.

couple getting married at the greek theater in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Spring

With spring being the most balanced of seasons in Sicily, it is the most popular choice when deciding a wedding date.


Spring arrives in Sicily in late April/May, when the flowers start to bloom and the island is warming up.

Couples and guests are able to enjoy the photogenic surroundings, with blue skies contrasting with lively greenery and a fresh scent of renewal in the air. Springtime guarantees a particularly beautiful ceremony with the abundant blooms offering endless decoration possibilities. The stunning Zagara Flowers have arrived on the orange trees.

These delicate white flowers are traditionally associated with weddings, and besides being used for ornamental purposes, they lend themselves to cosmetic, phytotherapeutic and culinary uses thanks to their numerous properties.

Spring offers calm temperatures and a reduced number of tourists, making it possibly the ideal season for exploring Sicily on the whole. For many couples getting married in Sicily, it’s a chance to offer friends and guests the chance to immerse themselves in their surroundings, with Spring being the most comfortable time to take a historic tour or visit unmissable landmarks.

Another benefit of getting married in Sicily in Springtime is the Easter processions. With Sicily being a place steeped in religious tradition, Easter is a time filled with joy and light. Witnessing a traditional Easter procession provides an authentic taste of Sicily that will only add to your memories of this special place.


During springtime in Sicily, the interior of the island is the star, and the sea is still waiting for its moment to shine. While you will likely see brave Sicilians taking a dip in early spring, for many guests, the water temperatures will be bracing.

So if you are hoping to combine your wedding or honeymoon with a swim in the Sicilian sea, we recommend avoiding the earlier spring months. But admittedly, there are not many cons to a late spring wedding in Sicily!

Wedding table at the Belmond Timeo hotel in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Summer

A wedding in the Sicilian sun is as dreamy as it gets.


With the sun now high in the sky, there are many options when it comes to choosing a wedding setting in Sicily. Those looking for a truly Mediterranean island wedding can be sure that a summer wedding in Sicily will live up to expectations.

Many couples dream of a wedding right next to the sea, and in Sicily you can find a gentle breeze making summer an ideal time to have a tailored ceremony on the sands, with the toing and froing of the sea creating the perfect calming soundtrack. Alternatively, on a hot summer’s day, a charming old Sicilian church [of which there are many] provides respite with its cool stone interior.


A hot Sicilian summer is the stuff of dreams for many, but while choosing a wedding date, some couples avoid the months of July and August.

While the hotter months are often enjoyable if close to the sea, the inland temperatures can soar above a still, often humid 35 degrees Celsius. If you know that your nearest and dearest do not cope well in the heat, or if you have many very young or older attendees, you may prefer to opt for the more moderate months of Spring.

Summer in Sicily is understandably busier than any other season. Whichever location you choose, you can expect attention from visitors, who will undoubtedly enjoy the romantic show. This can certainly be a welcome addition, but if it’s a more private affair you are looking for, then you may want to consider a quieter season.

Getting married in Sicily during Autumn

When it comes to weddings in Sicily, Autumn is not a season to be overlooked.


While the temperatures are cooling down by late October, you can still enjoy comfortable temperatures through much of October and November.

In October, the wine is being harvested in Sicily and the empty vines revert to specular shades of orange and red. This provides a spectacular backdrop for a romantic event, and can be the perfect time of year for couples who have dreamt about spending their special day in a vineyard.

Mount Etna is a spectacular ceremony location, and Autumn is when her colours really come to life. Etna offers a unique, rugged beauty and is an ideal choice for nature lovers and those who have dreamt of an alternative wedding location. How many couples get to say “we got married on a volcano!”?.


By December, the hours of sun are at their lowest of the year, and Autumn months can also be the time when the island experiences the most rain.

While you can still be rewarded with blue skies and crisp airs, Autumn is generally a riskier choice weather-wise. That being said, a great wedding planner always covers every eventuality and in the case of rain, you can rest assured that plan B will be just as charming.

Hug between the couple that got married in Taormina

Getting married in Sicily during Winter

Sicily is way more than simply sun and sea. If you are looking for an alternative experience of Sicily, then the quieter season could be the right choice for you.


Winter provides the best opportunity to make the most of Sicily’s spectacular interiors and architecture. There are many impressive venues that will make a winter wedding in Sicily a truly memorable event, and we can help you find the perfect one.

One of the perks of an alternative, winter wedding in Sicily is that the costs are inevitably lower. That means couples on a budget can make their Sicilian wedding happen while not emptying the savings account.

In addition, an off-season wedding and the lower hotel costs can give guests the opportunity to extend their stay and explore much of what Sicily has to offer, without crowds.

Christmas is an important celebration in Sicily, and you will find the towns decorated charmingly with festive decorations. If like many you have always been fond of a romantic Christmas wedding, then a Sicilian winter ceremony could be the perfect choice. Imagine eloping in a charming Italian town with festive cheer in the air, then heading up to Mount Etna to ski with views of the sea.

Another gift of the Sicilian winter is that it’s the prime season for citrus fruits. Trees decorated generously with colourful oranges and lemons can provide a stunning mediterranean backdrop regardless of temperatures.


The obvious downfall of a winter wedding in Sicily is the cooler temperatures and risk of greyer skies.

While this time of year can be ideal for couples looking for adventure and activity, the beaches are sleeping, and boats and sunbeds are in hibernation.

That being said, winter in Sicily is warmer than much of Northern Europe, with temperatures being more typically ‘autumnal’: between December and February, the average daytime temperatures are around 16 degrees Celsius.


Sicily is an island of varying beauty, and is able to offer something to suit every couple. While the sun and the sea are a big draw for many couples, it’s certainly worth considering off-peak seasons for a chance to experience what Sicily has to offer beneath the surface.

Regardless of the season, there are some things in Sicily that are guaranteed, including the freshest seasonal produce of land and sea, world-renowned wines, stunning natural landscapes and archaeological treasures. All of which are ingredients for a truly memorable experience for both newlyweds and guests.

While we think Sicily is the natural choice for a destination wedding location, the choices inside it are endless. Discuss with our destination wedding planner your ideas and let us help you to plan your perfect Sicilian wedding.

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