Amazing private Taormina boat tours and sea activities not to be missed

Taormina is one of the most popular travel destinations in Sicily. It is close to Mount Etna, is home to some of the best luxury hotels in the island, and is the perfect base for reaching some of the most famous sites on the Eastern Coast. Sicily and Taormina also mean beautiful sea and amazing…

Taormina is a small town yet with plenty of activities. There is much to do when it comes to exploring beautiful beaches and nature reserves, discovering ancient history, eating fantastic food, and getting lost in charming Italian streets and villages.

But surely one of the best activities you can do while in Taormina is take an exclusive boat excursion

Any visitor to Taormina can expect to be stunned by the charming bays that surround Taormina, and the striking turquoise color of the surrounding sea.

For a real taste of La Dolce Vita, we suggest climbing aboard a fabulous boat, where you can spend a day or evening in total relaxation, bobbing gently along the Ionian Sea, exploring caves and drifting far away from the crowds.

A boat tour can also provide the most enjoyable transport from one location to another.

We’ve put together this post so you can find out the best private boat excursions you can book from Taormina and we can help to organise, contact us and talk to our travel advisor and design the best travel itinerary in Sicily. 

If you are looking for other kinds of excursions you can take from Taormina, read our post about the best day tour from Taormina.

Sicily sailing excursion

Taormina boat tour

During this relaxing tour, take a sea voyage to Grotta Azzurra, Capo Taormina, Grotta del Giorno, and the bays of Mazzaro and Mermaids.

At Grotta Azzurra, you will go inside with the boat to explore this cave with stunning light reflections creating a contrasting blue pool against the walls of the ancient cave. This is a really beautiful sight that you will want to capture!

You will also explore the bay of Capo Taormina, an ideal place for a spot of swimming or snorkeling or simply admiring the sea that surrounds you.

The bay of Mazzaro is also not to be missed in this tour. Just north of the famous Isola Bella, it’s a picture perfect location dotted with some iconic and classic hotels such as the Belmond Sant Andrea.

This elegant bay is best appreciated as you slowly approach it from sea. 

Finally, explore the bay of Mermaids. This bay is sheltered and largely undiscovered, but exceptionally charming with fishing boats bobbing, and plenty of sea life to be seen.

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Friends taking a yacht tour in Taormina

Taormina diving tour

This half-day tour provides the perfect opportunity for those with a bit of diving experience to explore the beautiful bays and seabeds that surround Taormina. 

You will be collected from your hotel in Taormina and transported to the boarding point where you will meet your certified scuba guide who you will spend the 4 hours with.

On the way to the diving point, enjoy a relaxing boat ride and enjoy the scenery of Isola Bella and Grotta Azzurra. When you arrive at the best spot for diving, get kitted out in full scuba gear and receive a briefing from the guide about the various surrounding diving spots.

Then its time to dive under the turquoise blue sea and follow your guide as they show you where to spot the plethora of fish and sea life.

Aside from the creatures, you will have the chance to discover interesting finds such as the Roman ship which shrunk in Taormina’s sea over 2,000 years ago. You can swim up to the remains can and discover them at a depth of 24 metres.

In between dives, climb back on board and enjoy refreshments and take in the picture-perfect surroundings.  

At the end of the day, enjoy a delicious fish dinner with locally sourced ingredients at a typical Italian trattoria, right next to the sea. Bliss!

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

diving tour from Taormina

Isola Bella snorkeling tour

During this fun tour, you have the chance to spend 2.5 hours snorkeling with an experienced crew member, who will help you to discover the vibrant colors and some sea life that exists not so far below the sea.

The activity is combined with a chance to learn about the history of the area and your guide will point out notable traces of archaeology from the Greek/Roman period.

This tour is perfect for snorkel lovers and equally for those who are trying it for the first time.

This kind of snorkeling is a fun and simple activity not requiring any advanced equipment.

You only need flippers, a mask and a snorkel, which will all be provided. It’s a suitable and very fun activity even for children at 6 years+.   

There are only a few simple rules that your guide will talk you through for every stage of the experience so you can be sure your snorkeling in safety.  

After your underwater experience, you will have worked up an appetite and will have earned a delicious trattoria supper with the freshest of ingredients.

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Snorkeling in Taormina is a fun and adventurous activity for all!

Taormina Fishing boat tour

This charming experience offers you the chance to be a Sicilian fisherman/woman for the day!

Be collected in style from your accommodation in Taormina and head down to the sea where there will be waiting your dedicated fisherman and a traditional Sicilian boat at your full disposal.

Make your way around the splendidly clear waters around Isola Bella, known as the pearl of the Ionian Sea. On our way to the fishing spot you will also discover the beautiful Grotta Azzurra and explore the beautiful bays of Taormina.

Once you reach the local fishing destination, your very own fisherman will teach you what there is to know about preparing the bait and the best method to be sure to catch something.

The fisherman will tell you some tales and tricks of the trade he has learned from the hours he has spent in his fishing boat on these very waters.

After a spot of successful fishing, it’s time to relax and enjoy a swim in the sparkling sea.

Just as you’ve worked up your appetite, you’ll head back to the bay where our chef will prepare for you the freshly caught fish to be enjoyed by the water’s edge.

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Private Boat Tour Ionian Riviera

The Ionian Riviera is Sicily’s charming coastline between Taormina and Catania.

The best way to explore it is of course with a fabulous private boat tour.

Amongst the surrounding shades of blue, you will have the chance to see the Cyclopean Isles.

These are jolting islands that are quite unique to Sicily due to their volcanic origins, being formed from some of Mount Etna’s first activities.

The largest of these intriguing isles is the Lachea Island, which is a protected nature reserve.

Hear the mythical stories about this small island. According to the myth, the rocks that form the island got there as Polyphemus hurled them against the Ulysses’ ship since they had made him partially blind.

If snorkeling is your thing, the underwater area of Cyclops is an absolute treat.

Just a few meters below the surface you will find some magnificent starfish, seahorses, lobsters, and other species that are superb to see in their natural habitat.
In this full-day boating experience, there will also be plenty of time for relaxing on board and soaking up the sun while enjoying fresh fruit, snacks, and prosecco.

This tour provides the best of both worlds when it comes to relaxation and exploration of Taormina’s’ stunning natural and mystical coast.

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

luxury yacht sicily

Taormina Sailing Sunset Tour

During this tour, try your hand at sailing as you explore the natural rocky wonder of Taormina’s coast.

A professional skipper will show you the ropes and help you to become an amateur sailor in no time!

Leave your worries behind as you navigate your way through the turquoise sea, finding idyllic spots for swimming or even a spot of snorkeling.

During this 4-hour sailing boat tour, there will be plenty of time for a refreshing swim.

Once you’ve dried off in the sun, time for a delicious dinner cooked on board to be enjoyed with a glass of local wine as you say ‘salute!’ to a beautiful day!

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Best private boat excursions from Taormina

Keeping Taormina as a base you can also enjoy boat excursions to explore surrounding areas, for example, the spectacular Aeolian Islands or nearby Messina can be explored in just a day. Here are some of the best you can book.

Messina & The Swordfish Experience

During this round tour trip from Taormina, you can explore the fascinating area of Messina and some protected areas that are famous for fishing, and Swordfish fishing in particular.

You’ll be collected from your hotel and transported in style for an enjoyable car ride, admiring the Madonna della Lettera as you arrive at the sea of the straits of Messina, which separates Sicily from the rest of Italy.

Meet our trusty fisherman who will be your companion for the day. He will introduce to the special kind of boat that has been used in his family for generations to catch ‘Feluca’ fish.

Swordfish fishing in this area encompasses many traditions, culture and values that have been practiced by families of fisherman in this area for hundreds of years.

Learn about the traditions and methods as you have a go at catching some Swordfish yourself.

After the fishing, head back to the bay where and make your way to a local trattoria where you will have the chance to try the freshest catches of the day and also learn about the cooking and preparation techniques.

The perfect way to spend a day for fish and sea lovers!

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Private Boat Tour Aeolian Islands (Lipari & Vulcano)

In this full-day boating experience, you will have the opportunity to visit two of the stunning Aeolian Islands; Lipari and Vulcano and experience their contrasting beauty.

Lipari is the largest of the seven Aeolian Islands, it is the only of the islands with a lively town (also named Lipari) including attractions such as a museum and historic castle.

The pale pumice characterizes the island. Until recently, the extraction of this volcanic rock type was one of the island’s biggest industries.

Then enjoy the scenic boat ride as you head to the next island.

At Vulcano, you can bathe in sulfur muds which are known to have therapeutic benefits and experience the island’s unique black sulfur beaches.

Once you’ve explored both these natural treasures, you will have worked up an appetite and will surely be ready for a delicious meal.

Dinner can be enjoyed either on board or at a local trattoria on the island, where you will taste typical foods and specialties.

This tour includes a skipper and hostess service, towels, and snorkeling kit, as well as refreshments including fresh fruits, soft drinks, and prosecco.

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

Lipari town in Sicily
Sunset at Stromboli island

Private Boat Tour Aeolian Islands (Panarea & Stromboli)

In this tour, you will explore two other of the Aeolian Islands: Panarea and Stromboli, each with their unique character.

Panarea is the smallest of the Aeolian group and also the oldest.

Explore the island’s charming Calajunco Bay, a natural swimming pool with crystal clear waters.

Climb back on board to witness the mergence of shades of blue around you and feel the ancient wind in your hair.

Arriving at Stromboli, you will sense the activity of the island – this is the most active of the Aeolian group and is actually one of the world’s most continuously active volcanoes. It has been erupting every 15-20 minutes or so for the past 1,000 years!

Relax on board and enjoy the eruptions of ash and lava as Stromboli puts on a show. 

In this full day boat tour there will be plenty of time for swimming and soaking up the sun while enjoying prosecco, fresh fruits and refreshments. 

Finally, finish the day with a delicious meal cooked on board, or make your way back to the shore for a typical dinner at a local trattoria. 

For more information about the tour or to book it, contact us.

To book any of these boating experiences, or to find out which other exclusive experiences you can do during your stay in Taormina, contact our friendly team and let’s get planning!