Archaeological site of Agrigento

Also known as the Valley of Temples, located along the coast of the meridional side of the island, this was the first site to be added to the list in 1997.  Agrigento was founded in the VI century BC and was one of the most prosperous cities in the belly of the Mediterranean.  There still stand the magnificent temples as testimony to the splendor of the ancient city.  What makes this archaeological site so historically valuable is how easily it takes you through the ages.  As soon as you enter you find yourself immersed in a true Greek metropolis where even the air you breathe tells a story.  All of this is surrounded by typical Sicilian gardens full of citrus trees and blossoming almonds, which is why springtime is the ideal time to visit.  A nighttime tour of the temples is a mystical experience worth trying, and is available only from July 15th through September 17th.