Sicily is becoming a first-choice destination for grooms and brides, and it’s no surprise!
Here are 10 good reasons why Sicily is chosen as one of the most-wanted destinations for weddings in Italy and why every year more and more people decide to get married and host their party on the island.

Sicily is a location that is growing in popularity with couples from abroad looking for a destination wedding. The largest island in the Mediterranean, It’s charming, luxurious but also folkloristic, boasts fantastic food, and enjoys a warm climate year-round, with seemingly endless summers.

So there’s no surprise that Sicily is chosen time and time again by discerning brides and grooms.

We have planned many destination weddings here in Sicily, for couples from around the world, organizing big parties for hundreds of guests to the most intimate and luxurious celebrations. Each time, they tell us that memories of the island take a special place in their heart because they somehow felt at home.

Based on our experience and inside out knowledge of Sicily as a destination, here are some of the reasons why Sicily is one of the most popular places to get married in Italy.

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1. In Sicily the weather is always temperate

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is blessed with a generally warm climate all year round.

The most popular time of year for a wedding in Sicily is of course the spring and summer months when you can enjoy the best of Sicily’s sun, sea, and beaches, on top of everything else.

In Taormina, during the hottest month of August, average daytime temperatures are around 29 degrees Celsius. However, the coldest month of January sees average temperatures of a generous 10 degrees Celsius.

Springtime in Taormina offers a comfortably warm climate, with average daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius, making these attractive months for couples looking for an outdoor celebration.

There is something appealing about each season in Sicily, with the summer months offering the best of la dolce vita, and the autumn and winter months offering their own charms.

View from yoga at Isola Bella

2. Sicilian food is great and can please any taste (Vegetarian and Vegan too!)

We may be biased, but we believe Sicilian food offers the best of Italian cuisine. It is often simple and made with local, high-quality ingredients, which is ultimately reflected in the taste!

Having a wedding in Sicily, couples are able to give the chance to their guests to try authentic Sicilian foods. They can choose a classic style (Sicily has many traditional dishes) or opt for a chef who has interpreted Sicilian traditions with their own twist.

Since the cuisine centers on local and seasonal produce, the cuisine is varied and there is something to suit all tastes and dietary needs. Vegetarians and vegans will also be satisfied!

When we plan a destination wedding in Sicily, we have on hand top local chefs, having their roots in Sicily but bringing their own style and flair to their cooking. We work closely with guests and the chef to create a menu that fits their culinary vision for the special day.

We have relationships with top Michelin-starred chefs who will be sure to deliver something spectacular and leave guests with lasting memories of Sicily’s fabulous cuisine.

Depending on the style and location of celebration, some couples choose to have a buffet-style dinner (for example, a street-party celebration in Castelmola), while others will opt for an elegant sit-down meal.

Either way, the food is sure to be a highlight of any wedding celebration in Sicily.

3. Wedding at the beach, in the countryside, on the slopes of Etna or on a boat – Sicily can offer them all 

Sicily is an island of varying natural beauty and landscapes. All within one hour of each other, you can experience the sparkling turquoise sea and charming beaches, tranquil countryside, and of course the mighty mount Etna who serves as a constant striking presence on the landscape of Sicily’s East coast.

This means that in Sicily, the options of wedding location really are endless.

Perhaps you will opt for a countryside wedding, which offers the most privacy for family and friends to celebrate together. For example, Noto is a beautiful spot for a Sicilian countryside wedding.

For wine lovers, a romantic vineyard wedding on the slopes of Mount Etna would be unforgettable. In autumn, the colors really come to life and the photos can be stunning!

We think Taormina is the best destination in Sicily for an unforgettable wedding.

Here you have some of the top luxury hotels in Sicily, including the classic Grand Hotel Timeo (Belmond), and the newly revamped San Domenico Palace (now a Four Seasons hotel).

The grounds of these hotels provide a classic and luxurious setting for a wedding celebration, each with fantastic views stretching towards the sea and beyond to Mount Etna for a dreamy photo backdrop.

Having a wedding in Taormina means the chance to stay in a beautiful small town with every facility at your doorstep. Staying at one of these fabulous hotels will be a beautiful experience where no detail is spared.

Our wedding planner helps you choose the best locations to stay for both you and your guests, but wherever you stay in Taormina, guests will love the chance to wander around small Italian streets and soak in all its charms.

Wedding arrangement at Taormina luxury hotel

4. There are many activities you can organise for your guests

By spending a few more days in Sicily, guests can experience other top highlights such as an Etna excursion or some days exploring historical sites.

A wedding in Taormina also offers guests the chance to relax and enjoy the Sicilian sea and sun at close-by beach clubs.

When couples opt for a destination wedding, it is often a chance for guests to spend some time enjoying the location before or after the wedding. Sicily offers the perfect setting to explore, with so many un-missable sites and activities to suit all tastes.

As luxury Sicily wedding planners, we are experienced in crafting itineraries to suit all kinds of travelers. For example, we can organize for couples or their guests to discover more about Taormina with a historical walking tour. 

Nature lovers can take an unforgettable trip to Europe’s most active volcano, Mt. Etna. There are many ways to do it, including hiking, a jeep tour, or even a fabulous helicopter tour where you can enjoy the splendor of the volcano is comfort and style.

Other natural sites that guests will love include mystical places such as Alcantara Gorges or the Nebrodi Mountains.

Wine lovers will surely not be disappointed, since we have several world-class wineries at our doorstep, available for tours and tastings.

Those interested in history and archeology will also be spoilt for choice, and we can organize unforgettable experiences including Taormina ancient Greek theatre and excursions to important sites such as the Valley of the Temples, and the Syracuse archaeological park.

Allow us to suggest some top experiences for you and your guests so that you can make the most of Sicily as a fabulous destination and create some memories you won’t forget.

5. Sicily is easy to reach from any main European city

Sicily is an ideal location for those based in Europe: it is a Mediterranean escape that’s easily accessible from any main city. If you are opting for a wedding on the east coast (e.g. in Taormina, Castelmola, or Noto) then you can easily fly into Catania airport.

Most main cities offer direct flights to Sicily, which take no more than a few hours. For example, from London there are frequent direct flights taking 3 hours.

From Paris, you can take a direct flight in 2 hours 45 minutes, and from other main Italian cities there are frequent and speedy flight connections.

If you are coming from outside of Europe, for example, from USA or Russia, a wedding in Sicily offers the opportunity for guests to explore other European spots and satisfy their wanderlust.

View of Etna from Helicopter
Couples and guests can explore Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano

6. Sicily can be both destination wedding and honeymoon destination

One of the beautiful things about getting married in Sicily, and we think what makes it an ever more popular choice, is that Sicily doubles up as a beautiful wedding destination but also an ideal location for a honeymoon.

By choosing Sicily, you don’t have to travel twice if you want a destination wedding and also a beautiful Mediterranean honeymoon.

After tying the knot and celebrating in a stunning location, you can continue your romantic Sicilian escape with a prolonged stay in a luxury hotel or yacht, or take some time to discover the territory with exclusive and unforgettable tours.

Why not spend a week in Sicily relaxing at the beach club, and taking exclusive, romantic excursions such as winery tours or a helicopter ride over Mount Etna

7. A wedding is Sicily is something your guests will never forget

Ask someone who has been to Sicily to describe it to you, and they will probably say it is a warm, charming, and unforgettable place that has been imprinted on their hearts. Indeed, the Spanish writer Gabriel Garcìa Marquez said, “Going to Sicily is better than going to the moon”.

Though Sicily is in Italy (the country’s largest region), it possesses its own identity full of traditions and customs. The people of Sicily are warm, proud, and eager to share with you the things that make this island so special.

The charms of Sicily exist at every turn; from small interactions with a shop owner or bartender to the seemingly simple plate of food that’s bursting with flavor to the wines given their character by the fertile volcanic soil, to even the simplest of things like wandering the streets and admiring the synonymous baroque architecture.

While in Sicily, you’re sure to have moments where you look around and feel as though you are in a dream. When you return home, the memories you made will only be stronger.

By holding your wedding in Sicily you are also giving your guests and family the beautiful gift of a trip to remember, filled with love, cheer, and the spirit of Sicily that stays with you.

Credit to Giuseppe Marano photographer

8. Sicily offers you the perfect balance between luxury and folklore

A wedding in Sicily offers the chance to experience ‘understated luxury’. The luxury that Sicily offers is not necessarily flashy but exists in the authenticity and charm that radiates from its people and places.

At the same time, it offers the simple delights of luxurious sun, sea, and endless treats for the senses and taste buds. To us, this is the most luxurious combination of all!

In addition to the ‘luxurious’ side to Sicily, you can also experience its folkloristic, traditional side.

Many couples who choose Sicily enjoy the chance to add touches of tradition to their celebration. For example, we can organize entertainment in the form of the traditional Orchestra a plettro or traditional Sicilian dance.

To soak up the real authentic Sicily, you could choose to have your ceremony or celebration in one of the island’s grand palaces.

For example, Castello degli schiavi is a popular venue for a private event – any Godfather fans among your guests will be particularly thankful!

This venue was selected by Francis Coppola as the perfect setting for the main scenes in The Godfather movies: the ultimate representation of Sicily on screen.

One of our favorite places where you can experience a wedding featuring both luxury and tradition is the charming village of Castelmola.

With us, this small medieval town, considered one of the most beautiful in all of Italy, can be hired exclusively and is a chance to involve all the locals, from the food to the entertainment and even the decorations.

We think Castelmola offers an ideal location for an unforgettable wedding in Sicily. Find out why in our post all about Castelmola.

Wedding in Taormina Ancient Theatre
Credit Strawberry and Champagne wedding designer

9. You can find many experiences wedding planner (for any kind of budget)

The beauty of Sicily means that you don’t have to necessarily break the bank in order to experience the best bits. One of the jobs of a destination-wedding planner is to make an unforgettable celebration happen working with various budgets.

In Sicily, if your budget is at the lower end of the scale, our wedding planner advises you on which elements to spend more, which to spend less, and which can be avoided altogether.

The best thing about a destination wedding in Sicily is the fact that you are in Sicily! Regardless of how elaborate you can afford to be, the best things about Sicily can be experienced without having to spend a lot.

On the other hand, if you have a large budget and you are looking for an elaborate affair with no expenses spared, our destination-wedding planner also knows how to put on an impressive, decorative show. Think light installations, Sicilian horse and cart, themed events, photo booth, live music and Michelin-star banquets.

10.  Sicily is just beautiful

Perhaps the main reason to choose Sicily is that ultimately, it is a beautiful Mediterranean destination. Its beauty comes from the combination of a beautiful natural environment and climate, combined with its ancient history and traditions, an unbeatable food culture, and the warmth of its people. It’s a beauty that is easy to feel, but difficult to explain.

Come and experience the charm of Sicily by choosing the island for your wedding. We will help you to make sure it’s an occasion that lives on in your hearts!

If you are interested in exploring Sicily as an option for your destination wedding, get in touch with our friendly team and we can tell you all about it.

A Fiumefreddo, scendendo verso il mare, si trova lo splendido Castello degli Schiavi, denominazione giunta fino ai nostri giorni dalla storpiatura di “Casteddu di Scavi”, il nome originale che stava ad indicare l’esistenza  di uno scavo, ovvero una cava di pietra lavica. Il Castello degli Schiavi è famoso in tutto il mondo perchè è stato utilizzato più volte come set cinematografico. Raggiunse la fama mondiale grazie a Francis Ford Coppola che lo preferì per l’ambientazione delle scene principali de Il Padrino, sia parte I (1972) che II (1974), come l’indimenticabile esplosione della macchina dopo il matrimonio o il discorso sui politici italiani con Don Tommaso.


Risultati immagini per castello degli schiavi

L’enorme varietà di paesaggi, città e viste sul mare che la Sicilia vanta, ha a lungo fatto dell’isola una location perfetta per i registi. Forza d’Agrò è un’incantevole cittadina medievale che si affaccia su un castello arabo-normanno di proprietà privata su uno sperone di pietra calcarea dolomitica rossa. Da un lato della piazza principale, una strada stretta conduce alla Chiesa Madre barocca, con una bella facciata del 16 ° secolo, utilizzata come ambientazione nel Padrino di Francis Ford Coppola 2 durante una celebrazione pasquale, e nel Padrino 3 è stata scelta come location per il matrimonio.



Quando Micheal Corleone trova rifugio nel paese natale di suo padre, in Sicilia, la saga de “Il Padrino” assume un aspetto più autentico. Dopo una giornata di caccia con le sue guardie del corpo in montagna, Michael Corleone viene abbagliato dalla bellezza di una ragazza siciliana che intravede appena, mentre è di ritorno dalla battuta fra i boschi. Quando arriva al bar locale conosce il signor Vitelli, il padre di Apollonia, la  ragazza con cui Al Pacino ha avuto uno spontaneo e sincero colpo di fulmine. Vitelli è anche l’insegna del Bar di Savoca, rimasto identico a se stesso durante gli ultimi 50 anni. Il locale si trova in un palazzo del XVIII° secolo chiamato Palazzo Trimarchi, situato in piazza Fossia. All’interno come all’esterno è possibile rivivere l’esatta atmosfera di quel pomeriggio d’estate degli anni ’70 reso famoso dalla grande cinematografia mondiale. Nel caso in cui si voglia conoscere ancora più a fondo i “dietro le quinte” del set e le persone che affascinarono attori e registi, è possibile scambiare quattro chiacchiere con la Signora Maria, proprietaria del locale magari mangiando una deliziosa granita al limone da assaggiare insieme agli “zuccarati“, dolci tipici della zona.


Risultati immagini per bar vitelli savoca

Il Monte Etna si trova sulla costa orientale della Sicilia ed è il vulcano attivo più alto d’Europa, uno tra i più attivi del globo. Grazie ai 2700 anni di attività eruttiva, l’altezza massima del cono vulcanico oggi supera i 3300 metri di altitudine su circa 45 km di diametro di base. Anche se nell’immaginario collettivo il vulcano è sinonimo di distruzione, l’Etna ha dato vita ad una produzione agroalimentare, grazie al microclima del comprensorio etneo, di primo livello mondiale. In particolare modo il vino è la punta di diamante del settore, tanto da istituire un percorso che include tutte le eccellenze inerenti cantine e vigneti sulle pendici del vulcano, che prende il nome di Strade del Vino dell’Etna. Inoltre, passeggiare sui crateri ormai inattivi e sui molteplici percorsi naturalistici, o addirittura sciare con vista mare, sono esperienze che renderebbero unica la vostra permanenza in Sicilia. E’ diventato sito Patrimonio dell’Umanità nel 2013.

Risultati immagini per etna

Durante la dominazione araba Noto aveva funzione di ‘capovallo’, cioè di centro amministrativo di riferimento, da cui Val di Noto. Le otto città che fanno parte del sito sono Caltagirone, Militello, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa e Scicli, e si trovano nel sud est della Sicilia. Tutte furono ricostruite dopo il terribile terremoto del 1693, che rase letteralmente al suolo interi centri abitati, devastando completamente la memoria urbanistica della zona. Il volto attuale di quest’area dell’Isola è dunque il risultato di una ricostruzione di città pensate come opere d’arte, capolavori dell’architettura tardo barocca del 17° secolo. Gli eleganti palazzi, le chiese dai preziosi interni e dalle stupefacenti facciate, rendono questa zona della Sicilia un eccezionale esempio di influenza architettonica sul territorio e rappresentano una delle massime espressioni al mondo del Tardo Barocco:perdersi tra le vie e cunicoli di queste città, è il modo più semplice per rievocare la storia e un passato glorioso. Esse, vengono elencate in lista World Heritage a partire dal 2005.

Immagine correlata


Conosciuta anche come la Valle dei Templi, è il primo sito ad essere inserito in lista nel 1997 e si trova lungo la costa meridionale dell’isola. Agrigento, fondata nel VI secolo a. C., era una delle città più prosperose nel bacino del Mediterraneo, ne sono testimonianza i magnifici templi che ancora oggi confermano lo splendore  di questa antica città. Ciò che rappresenta di più questo sito archeologico di alto valore storico, è la facilità con cui si effettua un salto temporale senza precedenti. Appena entrati infatti, vi troverete immersi in una vera e propria polis greca dove anche l’aria che si respira sa di storia. Il tutto, circondato da tipici giardini siciliani in cui troverete agrumeti e mandorli in fiore, motivo per cui il periodo suggerito per visitare la Valle è la primavera. Esperienza mistica e assolutamente da vivere, è la visita notturna ai templi, disponibile esclusivamente dal 15 Luglio fino al 17 Settembre.

Immagine correlata

Le lucerne, fino a quando l’olio costituì il principale combustibile per far luce nelle abitazioni, furono comuni e indispensabili oggetti casalinghi: di bronzo o di rame, nelle case signorili, di ceramica o, più spesso, di terracotta nelle case povere. Nelle campagne, l’uso delle lucerne ad olio si protrasse a lungo nonostante la comparsa del lume a petrolio, venendo successivamente abolito solo con l’avvento della luce elettrica. La tipologia più diffusa delle lucerne in terracotta prevedeva una piccola vaschetta circolare col beccuccio sull’orlo per tenere sollevata la fiammella, ciò consentiva di tenere ben sollevata la fiamma e, al tempo stesso, dava consentiva ad un’agevole presa.  Le figurine-lucerne cinquecentesche in maiolica rappresentavano per lo più nobildonne in posa, con un braccio al fianco e l’altro alla cintura, riccamente ornate di collane e diademi: nel loro corpo era immerso un lungo lucignolo che usciva esternamente.
Tale struttura rimase invariata nel tempo, soprattutto nelle fabbriche della Sicilia occidentale, quali Palermo, Sciacca e Trapani.

Immagine correlata

Ingrediente alla base di molte fragranze e acque di colonia, il Bergamotto di Sicilia si presenta all’olfatto con un’essenza fresca, frizzante e agrumata. Il bergamotto, “fratello” del limone, contiene ben 350 polifenoli dalle proprietà antiossidanti, anti-infiammatorie e vaso-protettive. Oltre a berne il succo, anche miscelato con quello di arancia, si può grattugiare la buccia del bergamotto e usarla per regalare un tocco insolito e profumato a risotti, secondi di pesce e dolci. Il profumo al bergamotto si ottiene dall’essenza estratta dalla scorza dello stesso agrume. L’odore emesso riporta immediatamente alla tradizione siciliana, la magia della terra sicula, del sole e del calore, gli agrumeti.


Il Limone della riviera jonica è fantasticamente profumato, bello a vedersi sulla pianta, buonissimo nel sapore, per non parlare poi delle proprietà salutari. Il tutto ricamato da delle tinte che riecheggiano il mood impressionista, immerso in una tavolozza di colori tipicamente siciliani: tra quel giallo-verde unico e l’azzurro del mare, e se aggiunge il verde scuro delle foglie e l’ocra indefinito di quella terra vulcanica millenaria lo scenario è completo.