Castello degli Schiavi – The perfect venue for your private event in Sicily

In Fiumefreddo, heading towards the sea, there is the splendid Castello Degli Schiavi. Castello Degli Schiavi is famous throughout the world because of its use as a movie set.
It achieved worldwide fame thanks to Francis Ford Coppola, who decided it was the perfect setting for the main scenes in The Godfather movies (parts 1 and 2).

Godfather movie lovers will remember the unforgettable scenes of the car explosion after the wedding and the discussion with Don Tommaso about the Italian politicians. Both of these scenes took place in the grand Castello Degli Schiavi (if you want to find out more venues featured in the movie check this article published on Forbes).

Thanks to the splendor of this venue, it is one of the most highly requested for private events and couples that want to celebrate their wedding in one of the most iconic Godfather venues. Of course, we can organise a private visit too, get in touch with us and discuss it with our travel advisor.

Find out what makes Castello degli Schiavi such a special location, and how you can visit or even hire it as a venue for an unforgettable private event in Sicily.

Where is the Castello degli Schiavi?

The castle is located approximately 30 minutes drive from Taormina, towards Catania in the commune of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia.

The villa and courtyard are located in a countryside setting but also within close proximity to the sea. Whether you are looking for a private visit to the castle, or to use it as the location for an exclusive event, we can arrange a luxury transfer from your place of stay, as well as transport for your guests.

The legend of Castello degli Schiavi

According to the legendary tale, Castello degli schiavi was built in the 1700’s by a doctor from Palermo, named Gaetano Palmieri.

The doctor had been given the land by the King, as apparently he had cured the King’s son of a deadly disease and the King wanted to express his thanks. Shortly after the build was complete, there was an attempted raid by Turkish pirates. As the story goes, the castle owners had been captured and the Turks were headed back out to sea.

Apparently, the raiders were stopped on their way out of Sicily by a group of locals, and the castle owners were freed. At the property, there is a loggia where two statues of pirates were placed.

They appear to represent the Turks who failed to capture the castle’s owners and appear to be staring out to sea longing for their own escape.

It is apparently for this reason that the castle has kept its name which translates to ‘Castle of the Slaves’.

Castello degli Schiavi in Sicily
Andrej Antipin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to visit Castello degli Schiavi

Castello degli Schiavi is a must-visit location for fans of the Godfather movies. The castle is now privately owned by a family but is still available for private tours, and it is one of the highly requested experiences by our clients.

You will have the chance to admire the grand exterior built in typical Sicilian baroque style, to wander the courtyard and to transport yourself to the mind of Godfather director Francis Coppola, and see what he saw when he decided this would be one of the perfect places to represent Sicily on screen.

You will be greeted by the owner who will guide you around the property, pointing out the famous rooms and memorabilia that were captured on film.

For example, you can see where the famous scenes took place such as where Michael dies peacefully alone in his chair, and where his new wife Apollonia was murdered.

The castle is just one of a series of nearby spots that were selected by Francis Coppola as suitable locations for his artistic representation of traditional Sicily.

For a true experience of the Godfather locations, why not take our exclusive Godfather tour including other iconic locations such as the villages of Savoca and Forza d’Agrò.

Castello degli Schiavi as venue for private events and weddings in Sicily

Castello degli Schiavi also serves as a stunning location for exclusive events and ceremonies. For an occasion to remember, it can be hired for events such as weddings, gala dinners, or anything in between.

The building holds up to 150-200 people for an indoor or outdoor event, and with the help of our team, the theme can be customized to make pretty much any vision a reality.

If you are a real Godfather fan, maybe you are looking for a godfather movie-themed event or wedding, with memorabilia and fun props for photos.

But Castello degli Schiavi is a grand location for any special private event, and our events team has many local contacts who can set the stage and bring your event to life.

wedding dinner at Castello degli Schiavi
Photo credit: Giuseppe Marano photographer

Maybe you will opt for an all-out Sicilian-themed event, in which case we can create a Sicilian extravaganza with traditional features such as light displays, folklore musicians, Sicilian cart, and traditional themed table displays.

Our team can help arrange a visit to the impressive Castello degli Schiavi so that you can experience this historic venue that is filled with Sicilian character.

Otherwise, allow us to help craft your unique event with Castello degli Schiavi as the perfect Sicilian setting.