Mount Etna is found on the western coast of Sicily and is the highest active volcano in all of Europe, and one of the most active on the planet.  Thanks to her 2700 years of activity, the highest tip of the volcano now exceeds 3300 meters and is about 45 km at its base.  Although as a collective image the volcano symbolizes destruction, Etna has given life to an agribusiness production which, thanks to the surrounding microclimate, is amongst the best worldwide.  Wine, in particular, is the diamond of the sector, so much so that a path has been established to include all the excellent cellars and vineyards on the slopes of the volcano.  This “path” is called Strade del Vino dell’Etna.  Moreover, a walk on the now inactive craters or one of the many nature trails, or even skiing with a sea view, are all experiences that can make your stay in Sicily unique.  Etna became a World Heritage site in 2013.

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