Mount Etna helicopter tour: 5 reasons to experience Etna from above

It’s true that there are many ways to enjoy the mighty natural beauty that is Mount Etna.

Each year, thousands travel from near and far to experience her humbling presence, with something to offer during all seasons. Etna is a fascinating volcano which continues to stop even the most jaded of Sicilians in their tracks.

Europe’s largest and most active volcano can be appreciated by foot, carplane, or simply admired from a distant balcony with spritz in hand of a glass of wine from one of the best wineries of the Etna region.

But those who have had the chance to get up close and personal with Etna from above, once recovered from their speechlessness, will tell you to be prepared to be amazed.

Should you have the chance, here is how you can book your private helicopter tour, and  5 reasons why experiencing Etna by helicopter is an opportunity you should not pass up!

Etna helicopter tour overview

Sicily Lifestyle is all about bringing you the best possible experience of Sicily. We want you to witness all the magic this island has to offer, and to help you make treasured memories that are imprinted forever.

A Sicily Lifestyle helicopter tour is a truly special way to see the unique and varied beauty of Sicily. Come and experience it for yourself by contacting us today.

Prices start at €880 for a 30 minute ride.
Or why not combine with a spectacular route combining enchanting views of Taormina. Possible for €1175 for a 40 minute ride.

Fully customisable: perhaps you wish to compliment this unique activity with a special dinner or aperitivo, combine the trip with travel to another Sicily destination, or to have professional insight with the company of an Etna expert. Whatever your request, our helicopter tours are completely customisable and your wish is our command.

We offer tours in both single and double engine aircraft, holding either 4 or 6 passengers. Whichever you choose, you can relax in the knowledge that comfort and luxury are guaranteed.

Alternative and customizable routes are available.

Please do contact us for a quote and our team will be more than happy to assist.

Five reasons why you should experience Etna by helicopter

When it comes to destinations for helicopter travel, a trip over Mount Etna has to be one of the most impressive. For many, the beauty and humbling power of Mount Etna makes Sicily one of the best travel destinations in the world.

If you are thinking about booking a helicopter tour over Etna, and need further convincing, here are our top five reasons why you should do it!

Feel free as a bird

Viewing Etna by helicopter is a truly unique experience. As you ascend from solid ground and begin to hover, you will feel something shift inside you.

As you leave control and daily worries at the ground, the adrenaline kicks in and you are in the hands of the dependable pilot.

Those who have experienced helicopter travel will tell you about the unique sense of freedom it offers. The lightness and openness of the aircraft allows you to engage with your surroundings in a way that’s truly extraordinary. As you gaze down, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the ground we inhabit each and every day.

In the words of the French pilot Philippe Perrin, “It’s only when you’re flying above it that you realise how incredible the Earth really is.”

Witness human life on the slopes

But there’s something particularly special about ascending onto an active volcano. As you climb from the nearby ash-showered villages, it’s spectacular to see how human life has been built into Etna’s slopes. Roads, houses, hotels and shops have all been embedded into the crumbly terrain.

All Sicilians, and particularly those from the East of the island, live in the shadows of Mt. Etna, but as you hover, you will have the chance to see just how close that some dare to go
The sound judgement of these residents is sometimes called into question by those who cannot imagine living daily life under a real natural threat.

After all, between January-July 2021, Etna has already erupted 42 times. However, the extent of the threat is largely misunderstood, and those with an ‘Etnea’ address are aware that their strategic position on the slopes protects them from any danger. But viewing human life from above the slopes leaves you to ponder this out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle, and the sense of remoteness with which Etna’s residents choose to spend their days.

Discover Etna’s spectacular textures and colours

As you rise and fall above the craters, you will observe the volcano with a perspective that’s missed by those embarking by foot or vehicle.  You will have the chance to see a spectacular array of colours, created by a blend of older and newer ash, resulting in an incredible, cosmic mergence of red, orange and grey tones. Admire the naturally formed patterns, swirls, and contrasts as you swoop from high to low.

Etna’s is a unique kind of soil that lays the perfect foundations for an array of vegetation, and the variety of crop is also best witnessed from above. Etna’s soil is a life-sustaining natural material,  providing the necessary conditions for high quality products for which Sicily in renowned. From birds-eye view, you can see the volcano’s fertile composition that gives life to favourite products such as delicious citrus fruits and world-renowned wines.

Up in the air, you will be treated to a feast for the eyes, and you’ll be tempted to look left, right and ahead all at once. Just when you think you’ve run out of amazement, lucky passengers will have the chance to see live craters as they put on a show spewing ash-ridden cloud. It’s as if she is telling you “look, I’m alive!”.

Unbeatable views of Sicily

If you have visited the island before, enjoyed the food, the sea and the sights, and think you have already experienced much of what Sicily has to offer, then witnessing the island by air will give you a new perspective and remind you that in Sicily, there is always more to see. Equally, if you are visiting Sicily for the first time, a helicopter tour is surely the perfect introduction to this magical mediterranean land.

Swooping above the ground, you will see the endless variations of beauty that Sicily has to offer. Surrounded by a glimmering and expansive turquoise coast, you will pass over the contrasting sun-drenched land, making your way inwards to ascend upon volcanic terrain. Circling back, you can see pockets of villages in terracotta tones, and gain a glimpse of what life is like in sleepy Sicilian towns. You may even have the chance to snap some famous movie sights.

Having the unique chance to zoom out on Sicily with a ‘wide lense’, you will witness the contrasts and contradictions of this special place, a wondrous land which leaves long-lasting impression on all those who have experienced it.

A taste of luxury

Experiencing Etna by helicopter allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the views in style. Whether its a romantic trip for two, a bucket-list activity, or even if it’s simply an adrenaline rush you’re after, your experience deserves to be stress-free. Allow us to transport you effortlessly from your chosen location to the departure spot. Your pilot will greet and welcome you on board with care and expertise.

After a short introduction, any nerves will be settled and replaced with exhilaration, along with an eagerness to get off the ground! Whether you opt for the single or double engine aircraft, the anticipation will accelerate as you take your seat and prepare for take-off. Should you have a special request, each trip can be tailored to your needs. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy one of our tried and tested routes, each one sure to leave you breathless.