Bar Vitelli — Godfather

When Michael Corleone takes refuge in Sicily, his father’s homeland, The Godfather saga takes on a much more authentic aspect.  After a day of hunting in the mountains with his bodyguards, Michael Corleone is blinded by the beauty of a Sicilian girl who crosses his path on her way back from picking berries.  When he arrives at the local bar he meets Mr. Vitelli, father of Apollonia, the girl who caused love at first site for Al Pacino.  Vitelli is also the name of the bar in Savoca and has remained unchanged for the past 50 years.  The locale is found in a building dating from the XIII century called Palazzo Trimarchi, located in the piazza Fossia.  The interior as well as the exterior allow you to relive the exact atmosphere of that summer day in the 70’s made famous by the worldwide success of the film.  For those who want an even deeper “behind the scenes” experience of the set and locals who fascinated the actors and directors, you can chat with Mrs. Maria, owner of the locale.  Maybe even treat yourself to a delicious lemon granita with some»zuccarati», a typical sweet of the area.