Villa Valguarnera

In Bagheria (PA), a town pre-chosen by the last century’s aristocracy to build their suburban mansions, the eighteenth century represents the golden age of building and construction.  One of the finest examples of original Bagherese architecture is Villa Valguarnera.  Maria Anna Gravina, the daughter of the prince of Gravina, and wife to Giuseppe Valguarnera, bought a little hill where she would build her villa and give it the distinct advantage of being higher than all the other mansions in the surrounding areas.  Villa Valguarnera was born independent of all agricultural functions and epitomizes the mindset of the time. It was created with the soul purpose of being a country home for the city folk, viewed as a seat of worldliness and splendor in a more private setting, and a demonstration of the Valguarnera family’s power and decorum.

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