Tours to Mount Etna — Best 5 luxury tours from Taormina

Mount Etna can be visited with a day tour from Taormina. If you are wondering how to visit and that would be the best way to reach it in this post you will find 5 different tours to Mount Etna that will let you see and enjoy the famous active Volcano of Sicily. You can hike close to craters, or you can fly over it with a private helicopter tour or you can add an extra visit to some of the most charming Etna wineries and taste good wine. Find out the best Mount Etna tours and book the one suiting your travel style!

Mount Etna can be easily reached from Taormina and at approximately 1-hour drive away; it is an exciting and unique excursion that can be taken as a day tour.

The highest and largest volcano of Europe can be seen and experienced in many ways. Adaptable to all kinds of traveler, from the expert trekker to the traveller who prefers a leisurely experience without missing the best of what Sicily has to offer. Etna is also home to excellent wine; a visit to one, or more, wineries is a delight for any wine-lover visiting Sicily.

During our many years as travel planners, we have organized endless visits to Etna. Some of these Etna experiences have been particularly special, and we want to share with you our favorites, and most popular, private tours for luxury travelers. So, if you are wondering how to visit mount Etna with a day tour from Taormina and are looking for a very special experience, we have you covered!

If you are interested in any of our private tours mentioned in this post or want something tailored to your needs, get in touch with our travel planner and start crafting the perfect travel itinerary in Sicily.

Let’s explore the best, most unforgettable ways to experience the mighty Mount Etna!

Etna north tour with jeep and lunch in a Winery

Enjoy an active excursion with just the right amount of exertion! During this experience you will be collected directly from your hotel and transferred in style and comfort to Mount Etna National park (a UNESCO heritage site since 2016).

On arrival, your expert guide will be waiting for you as well as a 4×4 jeep and driver. This is the ideal vehicle to ascend onto the slopes and allow you the most unrestricted access via rocky paths and uneven terrain.

Sit back and enjoy the views as you climb the volcano slopes. The vehicle allows for clear and unobstructed views so that you can witness the changing landscape as you make your way up.

Witness the changing landscape as it merges from orchards of citrus fruits to charming vineyards, and again into forestry and finally to deserted areas of lava and craters.

Learn about the unique composition and qualities of the volcano that makes it the ideal place to host a variety of flora and fauna.

After working up an appetite, jump back on board and be transferred to an intimate Etna winery, where you can enjoy a family-cooked Sicilian lunch using only the most local and quality ingredients and offering a chance to wander among the vines.

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Vineyard at Mt. Etna Sicily

Etna trekking tour with BBQ lunch in a family-owned winery

During this active tour, you will have the chance to trek to the immense Valle del Bove and enjoy a BBQ lunch on the slopes of the volcano.

Valle del Bove is one of the features that makes Etna so fascinating. Get up close to a mesmeric example of a caldera: a large depression that remains as the result of a volcanic eruption. Almost as if a huge scoop has been taken out of the surface. This place offers a chance to witness the power of Mother Nature.

In the company of an expert naturalist guide, you will learn about what makes this Etna area particularly fascinating, and enjoy a breathtaking landscape. You will also have full access to a 4×4 jeep throughout the experience, so you can see some views that are unreachable by foot.

Those interested in the history and geographical importance of the volcano will have the chance to learn about the significance of the Valle de Bove in studying the volcanic sequences of Etna and the effect they have had on the landscape.

After a morning of activity, you will surely have lunch on your mind! In this experience, the whole of Etna is your dining table. Enjoy a slow-paced BBQ lunch cooked out in the open. Make the most of your natural surroundings as you tuck into authentic and every day Sicilian foods.

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Mount Etna Bike tour

Mount Etna is a dream for bike lovers. In this experience, we take the logistical hassle out of adventure so you can get your adrenaline fix and enjoy only the thrilling bits!

You will arrive at Mt. Etna by luxury transfer from your hotel. The driver will transport you to the southern slopes of the volcano where the bikes will be waiting along with an expert naturalist guide.

We will begin our ride along the famous mountain track Pista Altomontana. Witness the lava-stone huts and cycle by hardened lava fields where you can imagine the fluorescent lava that once flowed.

On this tour, you have the chance to get up close to the volcanic ash and feel a unique surface under your tyres, all while taking in expansive views of this natural beauty.

It’s a true bucket list experience for bike and nature enthusiasts.

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Mount Etna helicopter tour

Taking a helicopter tour over Mount Etna has to be one of the most luxury experiences that can be had in Sicily.

Sit back as you are transferred in style to the local helipad, where your trusty pilot will be waiting your arrival. Climb aboard the deluxe helicopter and relax as you prepare for take off!

As you climb the slopes of the majestic Mount Etna, you will be able to appreciate the true scale and varied landscape of this special volcano.

With this unforgettable tour, you can choose whether to take the trip in privacy or with the company of an expert Etna guide, who will be able to point out it’s significant characteristics, such as the most recent lava flows and the geographically noteworthy craters.

As you glide over the volcano, you will witness the varied landscape of the Eastern coast of Sicily, with views of the turquoise sea in one direction, and volcanic views in the other.

Feel light as a feather as you drift from one side of the volcano to the next and witness an array of cosmic colours and patterns that are truly out of the ordinary!

When you reach the ground, you will have gained a newfound perspective and understand why so many (us included) regard Sicily as a magical island.

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Mount Etna wine Trail tour with a vintage car

Sicily has well and truly earned its reputation as an Italian region producing top quality wines. And those from the Etna region have to be our favorites from across the island.

The mineral-rich soil that’s found at the base of the volcano, combined with the warm Sicilian climate provides the ideal conditions to produce deliciously earthy, well-rounded wines.

Etna is home to some top-quality wineries that produce wines that have gained an international reputation.

What better way to see them than driving around the small Sicilian villages that are dotted around the Etna region, in an iconic fiat 500 car?

Climb into this charming and classic vintage car and follow your itinerary from one specially selected spot to the next, all while exploring the fertile terrain that surrounds Mt. Etna. With your eyes open, you will see a variety of produce and plants that grow around the volcano.

Driving through the citrus orchards and century-old olive groves of Etna, you will meet the men and women who cultivate this land and have played an important part in putting Sicilian wine on the international map, and of course, tasting the fantastic wines they have produced.

Along the way, you will stop at Alcantara Gorge to visit a 9th Century church, Castiglione di Sicilia, a hilltop town founded by the Greeks, and Linguaglossa, where you will visit a family-owned antique winery with vines of over 80 years old.

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Vintage Fiat 500 Tour

Whichever of our experiences you choose to discover Mount Etna, we will ensure it’s an unforgettable trip.

Whether you are looking for something action-packed, nature-filled, or if you prefer to sit back and enjoy the views in style… get in touch with our team, who can ensure that your trip to Etna will be a highlight of your time here in the magical Sicily.