Etna in eruption

Mount Etna is the highest and most fascinating active volcano in all of Europe. From her summit we can witness the contrast of the blue ocean below and the gray and red of her smoke and fire that waft up from the crater to touch the sky.  In the longer months the dark almost alien looking terrain is transformed into majestic snow-covered peaks.  Thunderous explosions, clouds of smoke, and fountains of magma is the show you can expect from Etna when she’s in eruption.  All of a sudden the sky turns to fire and black volcanic sand and ash transform the landscape.  From the mouths of the volcano flows bright red rivers of incandescent lava, cutting their paths down to the Valle del Bove where the landscape is something of another world.  No trees, only black sand and volcanic rock accompanied by the dull rumble from the belly of the volcano.


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