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Destination Marketing & Management Company (DMC)

Sicily Lifestyle is a company specializing in PR, Events, Lifestyle Management, and promotional marketing for Sicily.

Sicily Lifestyle is a company that specializes in Destination Marketing and Management (DMC) services, events, and lifestyle management.
Sicily Lifestyle’s objective is to promote, develop, and make available all of Sicily’s wonderful resources.
Sicily Lifestyle’s mission is to bring to life all the unique and authentic experiences our clients could ask for, through the enhancement of all the natural, historical, and cultural aspects that our area has to offer. Art, landscape, tradition, architecture, and climate, are just a few of the keys to enjoying the wonders of Sicily.
The main activities of the company include the organization of both corporate and private events, the creation of ad hoc experiences for high profile clients, and marketing activities aimed at promoting the destination.
Starting from a consultative approach, Sicily Lifestyle assists and supports its clients from the definition phase of the project, to sharing strategic objectives, to “post project” evaluation, ensuring the overall quality of the selected service. This is made possible by our deep knowledge of the region, its culture, and the proven reliability of our suppliers and selected partners.


Incentives, team building, conferences, meetings, road shows, product launches, sporting events, fashion and theater related events, and photo and video production.

Creating an event with a strong emotional impact require creativity, imagination, experience, and expertise. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the region, Sicily Lifestyle works closely with the client to achieve the objectives of the event, to improve communication, and support the business strategy.

  • Project management
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Production
  • Management and coordination of on-site service providers
  • Social Activities
  • Lights and Audio-visual
  • Decorating for Theme and Design
  • Catering services
  • Location scouting & casting
  • Photo and video production


Luxury has become something entirely individual in that it represents exactly the way a person decides to live the lifestyle of their choice.

Sicily Lifestyle offers personal assistant services, ad hoc experiences, and concierge services to private and high profile clients visiting Sicily.


  • Event Planning & Staffing
  • Luxury weddings
  • VIP Host


  • Luxury accommodation
  • Transportation & Limo
  • Travel Coordination
  • VIP Airport Welcome
  • Tailor made tours & experiences
  • Yacht & Helicopter Rental


  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Special Event Tickets
  • Personal Concierge
  • Nightlife Access
  • Personal Shopping

Destination Marketing

In order to be competitive, the development of the destination and tourism must be managed and operated. This of course means communication and promotion but above all product, technique, and strategy.

The objective of SICILY LIFESTYLE is to support the destination and tourism based companies in order to make a strategic offer that responds to the domands of the different market segments, with the end goal being concrete and lasting results.

Sicily Lifestyle relies on the support of highly qualified professionals who occupy different areas of tourism including: management, marketing, sales, web marketing, and regional development.

  • Tourist marketing
  • Product Development
  • Distribution
  • Promo Marketing
  • Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Web Marketing


The desire to provide valuable solutions to meet the needs of event organizers and those intending to see Sicily in style has put us in the position to develop offers that are extremely different and very specialized.
For this reason the strongest aspect of Sicily Lifestyle is our deep local roots, which allows us to combine excellence, authenticity, and uniqueness, thanks to a continuous and ethically professional relationship with our selected partners whom also share the love for this land and a passion for offering sophisticated and personalized Mediterranean hospitality.
We believe that travel is the ongoing discovery and ability to fully enjoy getting in touch with the people and culture of a place. Often it is a random and unexpected discovery that fascinates those who are open to being surprised.
For this reason the personality and competence of the individuals that make up Sicily Lifestyle are epitome of true Sicilian hospitality and style. Sicily Lifestyle offers solutions within the diverse areas of Sicily (with a particular specialization in the eastern region and Taormina) for an extremely demanding and sophisticated clientele in search of authentic experiences.
The mastery of the geographical context and landscape, the most beautiful and interesting locations, and the relationships with the unique individuals that characterize the Island, come together with the management and coordination of our designated partners in the project and in the planning and management of a budget, allow Sicily Lifestyle to produce private events and experiences for all specific requests.


About Us

salvatore lo giudice

Salvatore Lo Giudice

Managing Director and Co-founder

Salvatore has a background in Economics and Business at Messina and Paris University. He has travelled the world extensively and worked in the hospitality and incoming industry since he was a teenager, both in Italy and abroad. In 2014 he decided to establish his own business in Taormina together with his friend Guido.
He deals with the general management of the company, including the supervision of the operations and of the accounting office, and especially with the best partners that Sicily has to offer.

guido spinello

Guido Spinello

PR & Marketing and Co-founder

Passionate lover of Taormina, at a young age he started his first business venture, Morgana Luxury Lounge, cultivating his passion for people, style, and fashion. Based on the a common goal of service, Guido and Salvatore shared the idea to establish a luxury Destination Management Company specialized in high-end services in Taormina and Sicily. In 2014 they founded Sicily Lifestyle. Guido deals with sales and marketing, takes care of the VIP customers, creates excellent customized experiences and is always on the run to conquer new business opportunities.



Sicily Lifestyle

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